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Doing business in the future won’t be anything like today

Athena @ ST 10 February 2015

Expect tremendous disruption and transformation of business models by 2025 through sensors, wearables, increasingly online and global services, data analytics, changing consumer attitudes, new technologies, increasingly daily cyber-attacks, drive for global sustainability. Contact us today to find out how we can provide you with real-time and continuous strategic foresight.
What is changing?



Business practices




Inability to change

If you are in one of the groups below you will almost certainly need to know just how the above dramatic changes are going to impact upon your organization in the next five years and to know when and know how to respond.

Planners | Innovators | Risk managers | Marketers | Consultants| Change agents | Researchers | Portfolio managers | Security advisers | Educators | HR managers

A deep understanding of how these changes will affect you, your competitors and stakeholders is a pre-requisite for good strategy building, agility and resilience building today and ultimate success.

Try answering our fast, 'Fit for the future' global survey and see if you have what it takes to be successful in the next five years and where your opportunities to quickly improve are.

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To find the sources and more resources on Shaping Tomorrow about the future of business some of which were used in this Trend Alert. View Future of Business Report.

Also, click here to find out how Shaping Tomorrow can help your organization rapidly assess and respond to these and other key issues affecting your business.