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China's transformative impact on our future

Athena @ ST 15 October 2023

In this the 2nd newsletter of 5, we focus on China's expected exceptional contributions that will reshape the global landscape.
What is changing?

Welcome back to our mini-series about how China, the USA, and Europe will be shaping our tomorrow. In this the 2nd newsletter of 5, we focus on China's expected exceptional contributions that will reshape the global landscape.

China's contributions to the next 10 years in terms of leading the development and adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), leading in future-proof mega-cities infrastructure and its geopolitical and economic influence in Asia and Africa will likely look somewhat like this:

A) Leading in EV Adaptation and Development

China is set to play a pioneering role in the adaptation and development of electric vehicles (EVs) in the next decade.

  1. EV Production: China is already the world's largest producer and consumer of EVs. As the leading country, China already has a robust manufacturing ecosystem that includes domestic automakers such as BYD and NIO, as well as partnerships with international companies such as Tesla. In the coming years, China's production capacity is expected to grow significantly, making EVs more accessible globally - this in particular raises interesting questions of where this will leave the European EV production and the adaptation of the European auto industry.
  2. Battery Technology: Chinese companies, including CATL and BYD, are leading the way in battery technology innovation. Advances in battery energy density, charging speed, and affordability will further accelerate the adoption of EVs. China's investments in research and development will remain focused on battery technology and may take a lead in the overall global advancements in this field.
  3. Infrastructure Development: China will expand its charging infrastructure to support the fast growing EV market - especially in the most densely populated areas. The government's efforts to build a comprehensive network of charging stations and battery-swapping facilities will address range anxiety and promote EV adoption also for longer journeys between the mega-cities. The dense population of these will provide China with an edge here.

B) Leading in Future-Proof Infrastructure

China is committed to developing future-proof infrastructure in its mega-cities to enhance the quality of urban living and sustainability.

  1. Smart Cities: China is seen to continue investing heavily in smart city initiatives. Cities such as Shenzhen and Shanghai are already and will further expand their implementation of technologies like IoT sensors, data analytics, and AI to improve urban planning, transportation and energy efficiency. These initiatives are likely to start to set global standards for smart urban development.
  2. Sustainable Transportation: China is promoting sustainable transportation solutions, including electric buses, efficient high-speed rail, and sustainable urban rail transit. Mega-cities such as Beijing and Guangzhou are expanding their public transport networks, reducing reliance on private cars and curbing emissions. These developments and learnings over the coming decade are expected to multiply into many other densely populated areas and jointly contribute at a global level.
  3. Green Architecture: China will increasingly incorporate green building practices into its urban development. The use of energy-efficient materials, green roofs, and eco-friendly designs will contribute to environmentally friendly and sustainable mega-cities and large densely populated areas.

C) Political and Economic Influence in Asia and Africa

China's political and economic influence in Asia and Africa is expected to continue to grow over the next decade - despite China's current domestic economic imbalances.

  1. Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): China's BRI, the vast infrastructure and economic development project that spans Asia, Africa, and Europe, includes investments in infrastructure for transportation, energy, and telecommunications across several continents. China's involvement and leading role in the BRI projects will strengthen its influence in partner countries, fostering economic ties, dependencies and closer diplomatic relations.
  2. Trade and Investment: China is a major trading partner for many Asian and African countries. Its economic influence and growing ambitions are evident through trade agreements, foreign direct investment (FDI), and especially through critical infrastructure development projects across Africa. China's role as an economic partner is likely to deepen, facilitating regional economic growth and tight cooperation with and dependencies on China and Chinese companies.
  3. Diplomacy and Multilateral Engagement: China will further actively engage in multilateral organizations and diplomatic efforts in Asia and Africa. Its participation in forums such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) demonstrates China's commitment to regional stability, influence and cooperation. And is a growing sign of China's ambitions to continue to grow its global influence over the next decade.

In summary, China's contributions in the next decade will encompass leading in EV adaptation and development, spearheading future-proof infrastructure in mega-cities, and expanding its political and economic influence in Asia and Africa. These contributions will have a substantial impact on global technology trends, urban development, and international relations. Furthermore, China's involvement in international climate agreements demonstrates its dedication to environmental sustainability on a global scale. These actions are contributing to a future where nations will have to find ways to collaborate effectively with China.

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Continuing our exploration,
Matthew, Shaping Tomorrow