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  • Warmer-than-normal weather is adding to the downtrend in prices, while stronger wind power production expected in Germany next week is reducing the need for gas to generate electricity. Energy Connects
  • The Russian threat is potent since the EU imports 90% of the natural gas used to generate electricity, heat homes and supply industry, with Russia supplying almost 40% of EU gas. AP News
  • The solar power plant will complement the transition of Nevada Gold Mines' coal power plant to a dual fuel process, which will enable it to generate electricity from natural gas, reducing carbon emissions by as much as 50%. Interesting Engineering
  • Fossil fuels will account for two-thirds of all generated electricity across Africa and a further 18% of generation will come from hydro projects in the year 2030. Investment Monitor
  • The Italian economic development minister warned Tuesday of the risk of blackouts across Europe if there's not enough gas to generate electricity.
  • The Kingdom of Jordan will generate electricity from solar energy for Israel while Israel will desalinate water for Jordan. Israel National News
  • Other sustainable features of the Kampala houses will include large, flat roofs made from corrugated steel and wood that are designed to hold solar panels that will generate electricity. dezeen
  • The U.S. Department of Energy potentially could determine biomass to be ineligible as clean electricity because emissions are released when it is burned to generate electricity.
  • Generating electricity from ammonia on its own will cost 23.5 yen per kilowatt-hour - one-fourth of the cost of hydrogen, a clean fuel on which Japan has bet big. Nikkei Asia
  • The NEPC approved a plan to increase the proportion of renewable energy used to generate electricity to 50% of all energy types by 2037, up from a previous target of 35%. Bangkok Post
  • Turbines that can generate electricity using 100% hydrogen are currently not expected to be available until 2030 so it is impossible to say with any certainty what utilities will be able to achieve with regard to replacing fossil gas with 100% hydrogen by 2035. Ember
  • A recent report by IRENA showed that almost two-thirds of wind and solar projects built globally last year will be able to generate electricity cheaper than even the world's cheapest new coal plants. reneweconomy
  • The growth of the world's capacity to generate electricity from solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable technologies is on course to accelerate over the coming years, with 2021 expected to set a fresh all-time record for new installations. IEA
  • Unfortunately most of the wind and solar power that Germany is building will go to replace its nuclear power plants, not to eliminate the coal and gas that it is still burning in huge amounts to generate electricity.
  • In 2020, U.S. carbon emissions from fossil fuels fell to their lowest since 1983 but were expected to rise about 7% in 2021 because power providers were burning more coal to generate electricity due to a sharp increase in gas costs. Pipeline & Gas Journal,
  • Replicating fusion on Earth could provide a virtually inexhaustible supply of power to generate electricity. ScienceDaily
  • Using natural gas to generate electricity rather than coal reduces emissions per unit of electricity by about two-thirds (federal and provincial regulations will phase out coal-fired electricity by 2030). Canadian Institute for Climate Choices
  • A massive new 300-megawatt solar facility officially launched in Colorado last month, which will generate electricity to power more than 90% of the EVRAZ Rocky Mountain steel mill. GreenBiz
  • General Motors and General Electric just announced that they are going to partner up and look at ways to develop a supply chain of rare earths and other minerals to make electric vehicles and renewable energy equipment. Daily Profit Cycle
  • By 2025, an additional 296 MW of firm capacity will provide power to DBIS and the total capacity to generate electricity with natural gas will be 40 3MW.
  • Diablo could potentially help California make its power sector greener and tackle water shortages by producing hydrogen or powering a salt-water desalination plant in addition to generating electricity. The Economist

Last updated: 26 May 2022