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  • [New] Motional and Uber see an opportunity for autonomous vehicles to benefit the on-demand delivery space by providing safe, cost efficient, and reliable deliveries. Robotics & Automation News
  • [New] In the shorter term, Uber has ordered up to 50,000 Tesla vehicles that it is making available to drivers through its partnership with Hertz by 2023. Electrek
  • [New] One program features sidewalk robots capable of deliveries of short distances; another program will leverage self-driving vehicles to make Uber Eats deliveries. USA Today
  • [New] UP is linking up with Uber Eats for an on-pack promotion that gives consumers the opportunity to win Uber Eats vouchers, 50% off an Uber Eats grocery shop, or a free 2 L bottle of 7 UP. KamCity
  • [New] V - tolling could allow passengers to go from Dallas to Houston for as little as $0.44 per mile, which would be much cheaper than an Uber ride. Affiliate UNguru
  • [New] New policies such as the California Clean Miles Standard are helping to push companies such as Uber and Lyft to use cleaner vehicles and increase their passenger loads, although it remains to be seen whether other regions will adopt similar policies. GreenBiz
  • [New] Car-sharing and on-demand services such as Uber and Lyft have the potential to reduce emissions if they use high-efficiency or zero-emission vehicles, or if their services lean more toward carpooling, with each driver picking up multiple passengers.
  • Curb, which offers a ride-hailing app for licensed taxi and for-hire rides in North America, said that its partnership with Uber will give more transportation options for riders and more trips for drivers. Time
  • M inicabs make up nearly a THIRD of all night-time traffic in London, and now Uber have said that their aim is 20,000 new drivers on their platform before the start of 2023. CabbieBlog
  • If enough taxis begin performing Uber rides, receiving Uber wages, and giving cuts of their fares to Uber, Uber will have essentially absorbed the taxi industry. OnLabor
  • Cabdrivers, unlike Uber drivers, will be able to see their expected earnings before accepting Uber trips, and they will be free to decline Uber ride requests without penalty. OnLabor
  • Car-sharing and on-demand services such as Uber and Lyft have the potential to reduce emissions if they use high-efficiency or zero-emission vehicles, or if their services lean more toward car pooling, with each driver picking up multiple passengers. The Conversation
  • Uber has committed $800 million to try to make EVs more accessible and says it plans to be carbon-neutral in the U.S., Europe and Canada by 2030, and globally by 2040. Protocol
  • Last year, Uber acquired 50,000 Tesla vehicles to rent to its drivers as part of an ambitious plan to electrify its fleet in the US by 2030. The Verge
  • Aurora, an autonomous tech developer that intends to offer a commercial driverless semitruck service starting in 2023, intends to integrate its subscription-based system into Uber Freight, the truck-booking service operated by ride - hail giant Uber. Forbes
  • Backers of the Colorado bill note that many Uber and Lyft riders do not own a car or carry auto insurance, and think they will be covered if they are injured as a customer of the rideshare companies. Insurance Journal
  • Surge pricing - when Uber elevates rates at times of high demand - could price current low-income taxi customers out of getting rides. The New York Times
  • Rideshare company Uber announced this week it will end a years-long rivalry by partnering with two yellow taxi companies in New York City, enabling riders to choose between hailing a ride from Uber drivers or cab drivers in its app. PR Daily
  • Taxi drivers will see Uber-originated fares on their driver monitors which they already use to service e - hails from the Arro taxi app. Time
  • Uber riders in New York City will soon be able to use its app to hail yellow taxis as well, through agreements with the taxi-hailing app firm Curb and the Arro taxi app available to drivers through taxi technology system provider Creative Mobile Technologies. Smart Cities Dive

Last updated: 29 May 2022