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  • [New] Google Wallet will be available on the new Pixel Watch, and Google promises that soon you will be able to store things like driver's licenses, hotel keys and office pass cards onto it.
  • [New] At launch, Google Wallet will be available with support for payment cards on Wear OS devices and will be coming soon in over 40 countries for Android and Wear OS devices. NFCW
  • [New] Google will roll out virtual credit cards for Pay on Chrome and Android later in 2022, in an effort to better protect users' financial information during online transactions. ShinyShiny
  • [New] In summary, protected computing means that more data will be processed on devices (e.g., Android phones) without being sent to Google's cloud servers. The Verge
  • [New] Wallet will be the place to store digital versions of cards and other personal documents, while Google Pay will remain the place for contactless payments. Engadget
  • [New] The Commission will oversee 21 new competition rules that an estimated 14 digital gatekeepers - platforms such as Google and Microsoft that business and consumers find it hard to avoid - must adhere to. Bruegel
  • [New] Google Cloud has unveiled what it describes as the world's largest publicly available machine learning mega cluster, which will deliver nine exaflops of compute power to users of Google Cloud Platform. Tech Monitor
  • [New] In 39 of the 42 markets where Google Pay stores payments cards and tickets and offers tap-to-pay functionality, Google Pay will become Google Wallet. protocol
  • [New] Ready says there's also a convenience angle to virtual card numbers: implementing support for Google Pay or other third-party options can require a lot of work from a vendor, whereas Google's Virtual Card Numbers will work on any site that can take credit cards. The Verge
  • [New] Sellers will be able to accept contactless payment via physical cards and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay - on smartphones and connected watches, directly on their Android mobile device. NFCW
  • [New] Google may create a system that will enable other companies to make it easy for people to look into blockchain data. Engadget
  • [New] Large tech companies such as Google and Facebook will have to abide by new competition rules in the UK or risk facing huge fines. BBC News
  • [New] Apple, Google, and Microsoft have announced that they will be implementing new capabilities of the common passwordless sign - in standard created by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium on their devices as well as platforms. Gadgets 360
  • [New] Apple, Google, and Microsoft will expand support for FIDO Alliance's passwordless standard to make logins easier across mobile devices and desktops. Dark Reading
  • [New] Sellers will be able to accept contactless payment via physical cards and digital wallets, like Apple Pay and Google Pay, on smartphones and connected watches, directly on their Android / iOS. Research
  • [New] Apple, Google and Microsoft will work together to accelerate acceptance of a passwordless sign - in standard set by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for their devices and platforms. Biometric Update |
  • [New] Sovereign Controls for Google Workspace will deliver digital sovereignty through a comprehensive set of capabilities for organizations working in and across EU regions. The Register
  • [New] Analysis Microsoft, Apple and Google - all longtime proponents of doing away with passwords for authentication purposes - are throwing their support behind standards developed by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that could eliminate passphrases completely. The Register
  • Apple, Google and Microsoft announced this week they will soon support an approach to authentication that avoids passwords altogether, and instead requires users to merely unlock their smartphones to sign in to websites or online services. Krebs on Security
  • The Google Cloud and Litmus manufacturing solution will help enterprise customers maximize their AI investments and realize unmatched time-to-value. Google Cloud Press Corner
  • The new passwordless sign - in capabilities are expected to become available across Apple, Google, and Microsoft platforms over the course of the coming year. The Hacker News
  • Organizations utilise Google's SMTP relay service to send out promotional messages to a large number of consumers without the risk of their mail server being blacklisted. CySecurity News - Latest Information Security and Hacki
  • Google is referring to the incoming extra capabilities users in Europe will gain as Sovereign Controls for Google Workspace - in what also sounds like a conscious echo of a concept that EU lawmakers like to refer to as digital sovereignty. TechCrunch

Last updated: 22 May 2022