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  • [New] There is a distinct possibility that the increased security concerns around the use of Huawei 5G equipment in Philippine military bases will significantly dampen the ability of the U.S. and the Philippines to share critical military intelligence. Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
  • The U.S. has banned products made by Huawei Technology, a major supplier of smartphones and sophisticated telecommunications equipment that the Chinese government could use to spy on corporations and government. Bicycle Retailer and Industry News
  • The release of the Huawei P50 series will be the latest smartphone to benefit from Curve and Curve Pay, the feature that uses NFC technology to enable contactless smartphone payments. Fintech Finance
  • If more global networks in the world work on Huawei and other Chinese technologies, then China will have the opportunity to steal trade secrets, collect intelligence, and influence competitors by disabling communication infrastructure and punishing critics. Astute News
  • The upcoming Huawei P50 will bring the latest benefit from Curve and Curve Pay, which uses NFC technology to enable contactless payments. Huawei Central
  • A full ban on Huawei for 5G will force operators to replace their existing 4G Huawei equipment - an expensive and complex proposition over an elongated timeframe. The Province
  • The US and China are pulling apart in fits and starts, especially where technology is concerned - with US restrictions on Huawei, and threats to revoke US listings of other Chinese tech firms matching China's long standing limits on US tech giants operations in China. Chartbook
  • The Zambian government recently signed an MOU with Chinese company Huawei to build a digital innovation hub and to provide ICT training to instructors and 5,000 students by 2025. The Diplomat
  • PipeChina will continue to work with Huawei on digital transformation to be successful on the basis of shared resources, standardized architecture, converged data, capacity as a service and tailored applications. Tri Cap
  • More than three years after the Turnbull government blocked Chinese telco Huawei from Australia's 5G network on security grounds, the Morrison government will release a list of nine types of technologies that it believes may require extra risk management. The Guardian
  • In contrast to a number of Western states that see Huawei as a national security threat and have limited the spread of Chinese technologies, Russian mobile operators are mostly driven by commercial interests. Carnegie Moscow Center
  • Sticking points have been concerns over Abu Dhabi's relationship with China, including the use of Huawei's 5G technology, how the stealth jets can be deployed and how much of the F-35 technology the Emiratis will be able to use. Middle East Monitor
  • In the short term, Huawei and others will continue to favor Android for set top and other connected devices, including smartphones and tablets - leading to growth in China for Android, initially. Rethink
  • While at the turn of the century companies like Huawei and ZTE started to set benchmarks for how much telecoms equipment vendors could sell for their products, increasingly other countries including Western countries are looking to China for policy inspirations today.
  • The U.S. may apply a rule to stop companies abroad from shipping items like semiconductors made with U.S. technology to Russia, as it did to curb the global chip supply to China's Huawei, which it views as a threat. Reuters
  • PipeChina will continue to work with Huawei on digital transformation to achieve success based on shared resources, standardized architecture, converged data, capability as a service, and tailored applications. Business Upturn
  • When an initiative receives support from a technology organization, mobile operator or an organization like Huawei, it's much more likely to find opportunities to pair technologies and twice as likely to leverage emerging technologies like connected devices, blockchain and IoT. Hotelier Indonesia
  • The US and many EU member states have banned the use of Huawei technologies in their IT infrastructures, fearing the risk of spying by the Chinese government. Science|Business
  • Alleging close links between Huawei and the Chinese government, Washington has identified the world's biggest supplier of telecoms network gear as a potential Chinese espionage threat. Space War
  • While some of Canada's Five Eyes intelligence-sharing allies have made aggressive moves against Huawei - citing concerns that it is an arm of Chinese military intelligence - Canada has stalled on publicly declaring which companies will be permitted to supply equipment to providers of 5G networks. CBC

Last updated: 29 May 2022