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  • [New] Amazon on Wednesday launched Smart Commerce, a new offering that will allow stores to create their own online storefronts and also offer in-store shopping experience to their walk - in customers. TechCrunch
  • [New] The Open Network for Digital Commerce - a government-backed platform-agnostic network (now in pilot mode) that will serve as an alternative to platform aggregators like Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart - may soon provide expanded opportunities for smaller and indigenous retailers. India Briefing News
  • [New] LAST WEEK, BRUSSELS APPROVED the Digital Services Act, a new rulebook that will force social media and e-commerce giants like Facebook and Amazon to remove illegal content and products from their platforms. Politico
  • Under a new monetization model by the Amazon-owned platform, Twitch partners will get a smaller cut of revenue from subscriptions, 50% from 70%. iTech Post
  • Amazon, Citigroup, Levi Strauss and Yelp will cover travel costs for employees seeking medical procedures that cannot be performed where they reside - including abortion. The New York Times
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) has signed a deal with green energy storage firm AES as the public cloud giant works towards powering its global operations with renewable energy by 2025.
  • Apple and Google might have to loosen restrictions on apps and operating system defaults, while the likes of Amazon and Meta may have to increase transparency and be cautious when changing recommendation algorithms. Engadget
  • Big tech companies were sold off - including Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon - because higher interest rates will increase their borrowing costs, and tech firms have relied on cheap finance to expand. ABC (Australia)
  • Amazon will reimburse staff in the US who travel for a wide range of non-life threatening medical treatments including elective abortions. Tech Digest
  • Along with the Digital Markets Act, a proposed regulation which is meant to help new players move into markets currently dominated by tech giants, the DSA will create a single set of rules applicable across the European Union for giants including Meta, Google and Amazon. The Register
  • Once operational, Amazon's 310 projects are expected to produce 42,000 gigawatt hours (GWh) of renewable energy each year-enough electricity output to power 11 million European homes annually. EU About Amazon
  • Amazon ordered 100,000 custom electric delivery vehicles from Rivian - the largest order ever of electric delivery vehicles - with all 100,000 planned to be on the road by 2030. EU About Amazon
  • In the plans for already some years, Amazon Prime Air plans to use drones to send out customer orders, like a set of sneakers in half an hour or less. My Dear Drone
  • The higher price of fuel risks diminishing consumers' disposable income just as it is making delivery more expensive for Amazon, the world's biggest online retailer. ABC (Australia)
  • The yet-unnamed JV will aim to compete with streaming platforms like Roku, Amazon's Fire TV, Google Chromecast and Apple TV 4K. Variety
  • If Amazon Prime Gaming would make one important change, it could very well become a much more competitive service that gives out free games. GameRant
  • By 2024, Amazon hopes its physical retail locations will also begin using Prime Air to deliver packages. Business Insider
  • Amazon is struggling to prevent third-party sellers from manipulating its review system to boost their products, which risks undermining shopper trust. Tech Digest
  • The new Digital Services Act will force companies including Facebook, Google, and Amazon to police themselves harder and make it easier for users to flag problems. Sky News
  • Online merchants will be able to put a button on their websites that allows netizens to order stuff using Amazon's delivery infrastructure, a feature dubbed Buy with Prime. The Register

Last updated: 22 May 2022