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WHAT'S NEXT?: The latest sign of weakness in Japan's economy will likely add to mounting skepticism about the prime minister's expansionary policies. His coalition government has just achieved the supermajority it needs to amend the constitution which many are worried that Japan is about to remove the mask of pacificism and convert its "Self-Defense Force" into the military threat it really is.

  • [New] Germany and Canada are aiming for 2030; Japan wants more time; while the Biden administration has set a target of ending fossil fuel use for electricity generation in the United States by 2035. PBS NewsHour
  • [New] Countries in the Asia Pacific region, including China, Japan, India, Australia, and places in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, would see the worst losses with unchecked climate change: $96 trillion by 2070. Grist
  • [New] Japan has adopted a more proactive its foreign policy since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which triggered a deep alarm that has accelerated Japan's ongoing debate over defense and security policies amid China's growing territorial threat. Washington Post
  • [New] Although there was more AI investment activity between Japan and India than between India and Australia or Australia and Japan, it was largely one-sided, with Japanese investors targeting Indian AI companies while Indian investors seem more reluctant to pursue opportunities in Japan. Center for Security and Emerging Technology
  • [New] The United States and Japan are working together to advance resilient supply chains for critical commodities in order to minimize supply disruption and inflation concerns, a threat to middle-class prosperity. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
  • [New] Data out in early Asian trading showed Japan's core CPI rate jumped to a seven-year high of 2.1% y/y in April, but investors do not expect the Bank of Japan to shift its ultra-accommodative stance anytime soon.
  • [New] Plumb underlined that the US will continue to hold extended deterrence dialogues with South Korea and Japan, as well as Australia. the korea herald
  • [New] Japan's economy is likely to be on a growth track from the current quarter, but analysts say surging commodity prices due to Russia's war in Ukraine will weigh on private consumption and become a headwind to its recovery from the coronavirus pandemic fallout. Kyodo News+
  • [New] The G-7 includes not only the United States, which has long been Taiwan's security guarantor from the threat of Chinese invasion, but Japan, another potential regional bulwark against China. The Diplomat
  • [New] What Japan and the US are doing is very destructive and will lead to more regional chaos, instability and strife. Global Times
  • [New] Japan's nuclear regulator on Wednesday approved plans by the operator of the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant to release its treated radioactive waste water into the sea in 2023, saying the outlined methods are safe and risks to the environment minimal. The Globe and Mail
  • [New] China, India, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, and the United States are expected to spend a combined $5 billion on quantum technologies in 2022. WSJ
  • [New] AST SpaceMobile expects to test BlueWalker 3 with cellular partners in Japan, Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. SpaceNews
  • [New] For many potential consumption centres in Europe, South Korea and Japan, the land use constraint (together with comparatively expensive production costs for zero carbon energy carriers) will lead to the need for imports to meet demand. The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)
  • [New] Moves for a broader transformation in security policy will have to overcome a deep public reluctance to commit Japan's Self-Defense Forces to combat missions, even alongside the United States. The Diplomat
  • [New] For regional actors like Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Australia, it means joining bold economic threats that would plunge the Chinese economy into dire straits with plans to massively ramp up military spending. Defense Priorities
  • [New] Fears in Japan that China could attempt to retake Taiwan or forcibly claim the disputed Senkaku islands - located less than 124 miles (200 km) away - have risen since Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The Guardian
  • The more China and North Korea talk about nukes, the more necessary it is that uneasy democracies such as Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan will make adjustments. American Greatness
  • Between 28 and 38% of nurse respondents in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, and France indicated they were likely to leave their current role in direct patient care in 2023. McKinsey & Company
  • Finance ministers and central bank governors from Japan, China and South Korea warned of the risks from the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine. South China Morning Post
  • China, India, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, and the United States are expected to spend a combined US$ 5 billion on quantum technologies in 2022. Deloitte Insights

Last updated: 28 May 2022