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WHAT'S NEXT?: The Italian economy is already in a fragile state and a now likely period of political uncertainty would be likely to do further damage. In particular, Italy's banking industry is seen as vulnerable to a loss of confidence. Italy could be the next domino to fall out of the EU through increasing populist party support.

  • [New] Everyone understands Germany's and Italy's reliance on Russian gas, and the EU's reluctance to pay in rubles heightens the risk of disruptions to gas supplies. The Deep Dive
  • [New] Trade disruption between the EU and Russia is expected to hit mega-wine producers France, Italy and Spain the hardest.
  • Italy's Eni SpA will move to open accounts in rubles and euros with the Russian bank by Wednesday so that it can make payments on time this month and avoid any risks to gas supplies. Energy Connects
  • Algeria has assured its European partners such as Italy's Eni, France's Total, Portugal's Galp Energia and Spain's Repsol that it could meet growing energy demands for Algerian natural gas through the end of 2022. World Politics Review
  • Officials from Italy and Germany have already secured supply deals with Qatar, while France's TotalEnergies will begin shipping Emirati oil to Europe this month. Middle East Institute
  • Italy will have to finance with its own budget 1.1% GDP per year more to reach the 2030 climate goals, Spain 1.3% of GDP and France 1.2% of GDP. Center For European Reform
  • Spain and Italy are most in danger of seeing their interest costs relative to GDP catch up to 2011 levels. MarketWatch
  • Italy will tax the profits of energy companies at 25% to help fund a support package for consumers and businesses that have been hard-hit by soaring energy costs. The Irish Times
  • Italy obtains 40% of its gas imports from Russia and has made the diversification of its energy sources a priority since Russia's invasion of Ukraine triggered Western sanctions that have raised the threat of disruption to supplies. Nigeria's leading geopolitical intelligence platform
  • In some markets, such as Poland or Italy, LPG is very popular and in the light of soaring energy costs, the alternative fuel type offers additional saving potential. Autovista24
  • During the coming period Egypt will work more on the markets of the Arab Gulf and Western Europe, such as Germany, France, Italy, UK and Hungary. Egypt Independent
  • In the big five European markets - the U.K., Italy, Germany, France and Spain-Ampere expects OTT platforms to account for 20% of all spend on rights for sports broadcasts in 2022, up from 12% in 2021. TVEUROPE
  • If the ECB increases interest rates too sharply, it could cause difficulties for countries with high levels of sovereign debt, such as Italy. European Central Bank
  • Countries such as Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Spain are the major countries in Europe on the basis of renewable installed capacity and offer healthy growth potential for renewable power resources. Expert Market Research
  • Some of the largest European economies, like France, Germany, and Italy, are projecting very weak or negative quarterly growth in mid-2022. The Guardian
  • Russia will continue to export large amounts of gas to Germany and other EU countries like Italy. Home Designer & Architect
  • Gas and electricity prices could soon reach £3,000 in the UK, while household energy bills are predicted to reach €3,400 in Germany, €2,800 in France and just below €2,000 in Italy and Spain. UnHerd
  • In 2022, Italy will commission its first offshore wind farm, the 30-MW Taranto project, while Spain is expected to contribute capacity additions with its floating demonstration projects. Energy Global
  • The EV share in Italy is expected to grow at a slower pace than that of France or Germany. Transport&Environment
  • To wean itself from Russian energy, Italy's Eni signed a deal with Algeria's Sonatrach earlier this month to receive an additional 9 billion cubic meters of gas by 2023 and in 2024. Politico
  • The threat that terrorism poses to France, Germany, Italy, and other NATO members has not diminished with Russia's attack on Ukraine. War on the Rocks
  • Italian energy major Eni has signed an agreement with Algerian state-owned company Sonatrach to increase gas supplies from Algeria through the Transmed pipeline, providing higher transported volumes of up to 9 billion cubic meters of gas per year by 2023-24. Energy Connects

Last updated: 27 May 2022