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WHAT'S NEXT?: India's ambitions, particularly in technology and economic growth targets promise much from this populous country determined to be a world leader.

  • [New] Getting all G-20 countries to sign on to the ambitious targets set by some of the most advanced economies will be difficult, as countries such as China, India and Indonesia remain heavily reliant on coal. PBS NewsHour
  • [New] Interest rates are expected to remain stable in Australia, India, Japan and Switzerland. Statista Infographics
  • [New] India's equity markets were expected to mark their first annual decline in seven years in 2022 as higher interest rates and weakening growth prospects reduce the chances of a quick rebound from 2022's already sharp drop. The Globe and Mail
  • [New] The risk of a woman dying in childbirth is 8 times higher in India than in China.
  • [New] Lower cost of living means that offshore partners, such as in India, with highly talented application development teams will charge a lower cost per hour than locally. ChilliApple Limited
  • [New] While the United States and India disagreed on Russia, they could still collaborate on investments in the Indo-Pacific region that counter China's growing influence. The New York Times
  • [New] In order not to pressure India, (Japan and the US) might focus on things like economy and climate change. Digital Journal
  • [New] If Quad's raison d'etre is to strengthen and project unity among its members facing a common challenge from the hegemonic and confrontationist China, the war in Ukraine and the ill-advised US moves to put diplomatic pressure on India to condemn the Russian invasion were a clear negative. Hindustan Times
  • [New] Although there was more AI investment activity between Japan and India than between India and Australia or Australia and Japan, it was largely one-sided, with Japanese investors targeting Indian AI companies while Indian investors seem more reluctant to pursue opportunities in Japan. Center for Security and Emerging Technology
  • [New] The impact on crops led India to declare a ban on all wheat exports in mid-May, a move that threatens to worsen a global food affordability crisis set off by the COVID recovery and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Politico
  • [New] India, along with other nations, has tried to walk a fine line between the U.S. and Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, seeking to maintain a relatively neutral position from which it is not expected to budge. NBC News
  • [New] The world has just 10 weeks worth of stockpiled wheat left, while India - the world's second-largest producer - has suspended exports amid concerns that extreme temperatures could wipe out up to 15% of 2022's harvest. The Telegraph
  • [New] India is the second largest wheat producer in the world, and for the 2022-23 crop season it was expected to be one of the top 10 wheat exporters, predicted to sell 10m tonnes abroad. The Guardian
  • [New] Last weekend, as temperatures in some parts of India's capital Delhi hit a record-breaking 49 C, the Indian government announced it was putting a ban on all wheat exports, due to the heatwave decimating India's expected harvest. The Guardian
  • [New] As recently as last month, India said it hoped to make up for some of the shortfall in global wheat supplies from Russia and Ukraine, two of the world's biggest producers, before lower yields prompted it to announce the export ban. NBC News
  • [New] C onsumers suffering under the soaring cost of living can scarcely be expected to care, but India's ban on wheat exports heralds an inflationary new world order for investors. The Sunday Times
  • [New] Pride Group of Hotels presently has 44 properties in India and has embarked on an ambitious expansion plan to open 100 hotels by 2030. Skift
  • [New] Stung by the heat spell, the world's second-largest wheat producer, India, suddenly imposed an export ban last weekend, days after fresh estimates showed that the wheat output will drop by 5.7% below initial estimates to 105 million tonnes in 2022. Eco-business
  • [New] The first phase of 5G deployments in India will require 1,000 towers in each city, while capital Delhi will require 4,000 towers in total. RCR Wireless News
  • [New] If eastern parts of India digitises fully and makes governance very easy, then eastern part of India will actually become a very responsive government. Mint
  • [New] U.S. policy should seek every chance to reduce risks among China, India, Pakistan. United States Institute of Peace

Last updated: 29 May 2022