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  • [New] Spain could be the third country in Europe in renewable gas generation in 2050 if there is clear support from administrations for an energy source that uses waste in a sustainable and efficient way. BiogasWorld
  • [New] The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a historic achievement, providing a generational opportunity to transform America's transportation, energy, water, and broadband infrastructure. Central Asia-Caucasus Institute
  • [New] Australia has a window of opportunity to become a world leader in renewable energy generation, low and negative emission technologies - but that window is rapidly closing. Scimex
  • [New] The US Food and Drug Administration launched an investigation and warned parents not to use certain Similac, Alimentum and EleCare products. The Independent
  • [New] Inflation fuelled by extra Budget spending could help create an exodus of Waikato workers to Australia and push up business costs generally, acting as a brake on regional development. Stuff
  • [New] UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is trying to broker a package deal that will allow Ukraine to resume food exports through the Black Sea and revive Russian food and fertilizer production to world markets. News18
  • [New] Scientists generally expect temperate regions of the world to become wetter and arid regions drier as temperatures rise. Scientific American
  • [New] The US Food and Drug Administration have updated its information of statins to include memory loss, forgetfulness, and confusion as possible risks or side effects. Mirror
  • [New] Ford product experts used the opportunity to tout Lightning's unique abilities to operate as an electric generator for about the same $10,000 price as a permanent, natural-gas generator. The Detroit News
  • [New] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently issued a consumer update, warning that it has found some bodybuilding products marketed as dietary supplements may illegally contain steroids or steroid-like substances associated with health risks including life-threatening liver injury. Nutraceuticals World
  • [New] The heat trapped by human-induced greenhouse gases will warm the planet for many generations to come. UN News
  • [New] The European Union is the world's largest exporter of infant formula, but with a few exceptions, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will not let Americans buy EU-approved formula. National Taxpayers Union
  • [New] The Loughborough research will generate a 'heat map' of the creative industries and deep dive into key opportunity sub-sectors to identify where there may be the greatest potential to grow or develop India-UK research and innovation collaboration. Loughborough University
  • [New] The new generation of the Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom will serve as the base for the next VW Transporter as part of Ford's collaboration with Volkswagen. Carscoops
  • [New] Corporations have even greater potential to generate value as the United States shifts to a professional services-oriented economy. McKinsey & Company
  • [New] Denver residents will enjoy generous rebates for ground source heat pumps, systems that use underground pipes to transfer heat from one location to another. Independent Power Systems
  • [New] While the IIJA represents a generational opportunity to transform America's transportation, energy, water, and broadband infrastructure, getting it right will require breaking down barriers across all levels of government and enabling new and expanded approaches to public-private partnerships. Eventbrite
  • [New] Warmer-than-normal weather is adding to the downtrend in prices, while stronger wind power production expected in Germany next week is reducing the need for gas to generate electricity. Energy Connects
  • [New] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will work to expedite imports of infant formula to address the nationwide shortage. Children's Health Defense
  • ITeos will complete separate phase 1/2 trials of EOS-448 as a dual therapy with either Merck & Co's PD-1 drug Keytruda or inupadenant in solid tumours. Pharmaphorum
  • Kamwendo: South Africa's first hydrogen corridor now under development will generate a minimum of 14000 jobs a year, the Mining Indaba heard this week. Mining Weekly

Last updated: 24 May 2022