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  • [New] Russia has blocked other foreign social media platforms, but despite months of fines and threats against YouTube for failing to delete content Moscow deems illegal and for restricting access to some Russian media, it has stopped short of delivering a killer blow to the video-hosting service. The Globe and Mail
  • [New] The online threat via social media is increasing, with fake profiles on sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook being created on an industrial scale. The Guardian
  • [New] The risk to reputation is high when awareness is high, whether due to focused media attention on a particular company or among consumer groups who feel the effects of Russia's invasion of Ukraine more directly. PR Daily
  • [New] While most pundits agree a completely integrated metaverse is still many years away, technology research firm Gartner predicts that by 2026, 25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in the Metaverse for work, shopping, education, social media and/or entertainment. Forbes
  • [New] The privatisation of Channel 4 will be formally enacted via a new media Bill, which will also give Ofcom more power to regulate streaming services.
  • [New] A Schools Bill for England will crack down on truancy, beef up the powers of education watchdogs and reform the funding system, while a Media Bill will enable the privatisation of Channel 4. Northern Scot
  • [New] A new Media Bill will enable the planned privatisation of Channel 4, and allow Ofcom to regulate on-demand streaming services. Daily Business
  • [New] Russia's online trolling operation is becoming increasingly decentralised and is gaining incredible traction on TikTok with disinformation aimed at sowing doubt over events in Ukraine, a US social media researcher has warned. The Guardian
  • [New] U.S. states could improve their understanding of how content moderation affects their citizens; strengthen enforcement against problematic material; and increase investment in local media ecosystems. Politico
  • Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February, there have been many instances of fake videos going viral on social media, like video game footage that's presented as though it were filmed on the ground in Ukraine. TechCrunch
  • A new Media Bill will ensure the privatisation of Channel 4 can go ahead, as well as ensuring Ofcom's remit extends to online streaming services. Conservative Home
  • Major social media firms will face fines worth up to 10% of their global turnover if they fail to tackle illegal content getting onto their sites under reintroduced duty of care plans to protect users from online harms. The Telegraph
  • Musk clinched a deal last month to buy Twitter for $44 billion in cash, in a move that will shift control of the social media platform populated by millions of users and global leaders to the Tesla Inc chief. Conservative Brief
  • Any changes made to Twitter's rules and content moderation will affect the way Venezuelans talk and find information on Twitter, especially because it's more than a social media platform in Venezuela. Global Voices Advox
  • Companies in the global technology, media and telecom sector have relatively low carbon intensity, which means that their exposure to climate risks is lower than many other industries. Advisor's Edge
  • Ukrainians enjoy greater freedom at home than ordinary Russians in their country, where fear reigns, where media outlets lie and where authorities crack down on every sort of dissent. DW.COM
  • Given the prevalence of social media among young people, particularly image focused social media, such as Instagram and TikTok, it might explain why young people are experiencing relationship abuse so differently to adult women, as there is more of an emphasis on tech.
  • LAST WEEK, BRUSSELS APPROVED the Digital Services Act, a new rulebook that will force social media and e-commerce giants like Facebook and Amazon to remove illegal content and products from their platforms. Politico
  • Hikvision's online presence could be eliminated in much of the world if internet hosts and social media platforms take down its accounts. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Experts cited by Chinese state media predict that their delusional discussion will be aimed at dragging Taiwan island into the anti-mainland clique and reaching a consensus that the status quo must not be changed by force. Statecraft
  • Russia's February invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing war is a threat to the future of Ukrainian media, which were already fairly restricted before the invasion due to an oligarch monopoly. Time
  • The government in Iran will shut down social media sites or news sites in response to perceived threats and apply pressure to networks and sites that do not clamp down on anti-government sentiment.
  • Russia's online trolling operation is becoming increasingly decentralised and is gaining incredible traction on TikTok with misinformation aimed at sowing doubt over events in Ukraine, a US social media researcher has warned. The Guardian

Last updated: 23 May 2022