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  • [New] The Space for a Green Future Accelerator will deliver actionable information, assessing scenarios for policy implementation and tailored services for European decisionmakers to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 and establish global leadership in the competition for a rapidly emerging green economy.
  • [New] Until the Ford government does more to support drivers going electric, Ontario will be missing out on air quality, emission reduction and cost-savings benefits. the weekly ledger
  • [New] The continued availability of low-cost U.S. natural gas combined with a strong export policy - especially as it pertains to liquefied natural gas - presents an opportunity to achieve continued success in emissions reductions around the world. American Petroleum Institute
  • [New] Australia has a new Labor government and a significant climate-focused cross bench, and it might just mark the beginning of the end of an almost decade-long grip the fossil fuel industry has held over national climate change and energy policy. reneweconomy
  • [New] The incoming government of Australia has committed to a 43% emissions reduction target by 2030 and has a net zero by 2050 target. Climate Council
  • [New] If all the proposed coal and gas projects listed on a government pipeline go ahead it will add more than 8% to Australia's emissions by 2030, and far more to global emissions after the fossil fuels are sold and burned overseas. The Guardian
  • [New] A return to rational monetary theory is about to take stage and government leaders who continue to overspend will be punished by investors and world banks. R "Ray" Wang - A Software Insider's Point of View
  • [New] Beijing has form in using the arrival of a new government as an opportunity to undertake a face-saving adjustment. The Conversation
  • [New] Legal scholars consider the social cost of carbon in recent court cases, alongside Supreme Court cases that could substantially limit federal authority to regulate greenhouse gases. Resources for the Future
  • [New] The risk of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons should overrule most other concerns of the U.S. regarding the Islamic Republic and its policies. Russian Council
  • [New] Javid is said to have looked at policies in the US, where the legal age is 21, and New Zealand, where the purchase of cigarettes will forever be illegal for anyone currently aged 14 and under. The Guardian
  • [New] Several governments imposed sanctions on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine while they continue financing and protecting the Israeli occupation, as well as the severe human rights violations against the Palestinians, they warned. teleSUR
  • [New] Having long been aware of the threat of sanctions for its policies in Xinjiang, the Chinese government has taken an interest in critiquing the general use of sanctions and undermining their institutional foundation within the UN. China Digital Times (CDT)
  • [New] The vast majority of Canada's 434 credit unions and caisses populaires (the equivalent in French-speaking Canada) are provincially-regulated and are not obliged to participate, but they still see open banking as an opportunity to gain new members. American Banker
  • [New] The Government of Canada is implementing a ban on the export of goods that could be used in the production and manufacture of weapons by Russia. Government of Canada
  • [New] A government affiliated thinktank, China's pathway to achieve its 2060 carbon neutrality target would need 1,650 GW of wind and solar in 2030, some 450 GW more than the NDC target. Carbon Brief
  • [New] In a scenario where China only achieves - but does not overachieve - its 1,200 GW or 25% non-fossil share targets, greenhouse gas emissions would reach around 14.5GtCO 2 e in 2030, over 5% higher than what we project would happen anyway under current policies. Carbon Brief
  • [New] The Indian government clearly sees crypto as a threat to its current financial system. CoinTelegraph
  • [New] ADB will support government efforts to improve the business environment and promote private sector investment, especially in climate-resilient infrastructure. Asian Development Bank
  • [New] If eastern parts of India digitises fully and makes governance very easy, then eastern part of India will actually become a very responsive government. Mint
  • In recent years, a wide array of trade actions pursued by the United States, foreign and domestic policies of the United States and China, reputational risks, and supply chain breakdowns are driving a trend of more and more manufacturing moving from Asia to Mexico. JD Supra

Last updated: 25 May 2022