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Financial Services

  • [New] Financial Services and Markets Bill - will enhance the UK's position as a global leader in financial services, through the establishment of a coherent, agile and internationally-respected approach to financial services regulation. ICLR
  • [New] Europe is the natural place for technology innovation and financial services to come together to create companies with huge potential - both for consumers and businesses, added Filia. UKTN | UK Tech News
  • The financial services sector will deliver the fastest DX spending growth over the 2022-2026 forecast period, with the securities and investment services, insurance, and banking industries all forecast to have five-year CAGRs of 19% or more. IDC: The premier global market intelligence company
  • Underpinning Ideagen's continued momentum is the growing need for risk and compliance services across a variety of UK sectors such as healthcare and financial services. TechMarketView
  • The banks that take advantage of embedded services now have the opportunity to become the foundation for a new generation of financial institutions. FinExtra
  • The concept of open banking - building an accessible bank of the future with modern technologies that bridge the digital divide - also presents financial services organisations with an opportunity to make a positive change in the world. The Fintech Times
  • With nearly one quarter of the world's population disengaged from the banking world, the financial services industry has a significant opportunity to expand its reach. The Fintech Times
  • Financial services will be increasingly shaped by predictive analytics, algorithms, and machine learning but that technology can also reinforce historical biases that have excluded too many Americans from opportunities. American Banker
  • The changing face of the UAE's workforce has brought just as much change to its rate of financial inclusion, alongside the opportunity for fintechs to make a lasting difference in how the region's increasing demographic of modest-income workers experience finance and financial services. The Fintech Times
  • Failure to innovate will inevitably raise the cost of financial services and pose risks to operational resilience. The Trade
  • Shopify will be a leader in open banking and continue democratizing online commerce by offering embedded financial services. Seeking Alpha
  • With the Internet reaching India's remotest areas, now is the opportunity for people across geographies and demographics to access financial services digitally. Outlook
  • Banking and financial services can fight the expected global loss of more than $400 billion in credit card fraud over the next decade, by sharing fraud-related learnings with more than one financial institution at a time. Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • As India pursues its National Strategy for Financial Inclusion 2019-2024, it must work to make financial services available, accessible and affordable to all its citizens, both safely and transparently, and to support inclusive and resilient growth. nextbillion
  • The advent of distributed ledger technologies and crypto assets has the potential to change the structure of financial services and global capital markets while presenting new opportunities for investors. CoinTelegraph
  • Hogan Lovells have predicted a new wave of consolidation in the UK's fintech sector as big tech brands seek to enter new areas of financial services. Peer2Peer Finance News
  • As the world adjusts to financial services implementing technology within their services, consumers will need to plan ahead. FinExtra
  • Collateral Edge's cloud computing system uses a proprietary algorithm to make a risk calculation using 60 data points in addition to using financial data from Moody's rating service. Houston Chronicle
  • Closer to home, the New York State Department of Financial Services says they are concerned insurers could use their own algorithmic underwriting systems to discriminate against consumers illegally. Global IQX
  • Companies such as Alibaba attracted funding as investors bet that only the private sector could provide the dizzying array of online shopping and financial services that would in turn support hefty valuations for a few big platforms. The Economist
  • Aside from cash and money service businesses, the financial services sector remains one of the highest risks for ML in the United Kingdom (i.e., retail banking, wholesale banking, wealth management and private banking). IMF eLibrary
  • Bank of America plans to consolidate all of its product lines (retail banking, investing and mortgage services) into one app, enabling users the ability to access all of their financial needs in a single location. CTMfile

Last updated: 23 May 2022