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WHAT'S NEXT:? Our natural environment is under ever-increasing threat. Landscape and ocean adaptation plus stabilizing biodiversity strategies will play an important role in maintaining global food productivity as climate changes. Evidence is mounting that any economic strategy that ignores carbon pollution will impose tremendous costs on the global economy and will result in fewer jobs and less economic growth over the long term. The global market for commercial "Earth observation" data is expected to hit $3.5 billion by 2024. Battles over environmental regulation could become particularly pointed in the coming years.

  • [New] The UK and other NATO members can engage with ongoing risk reduction initiatives, such as the Stockholm Initiative and Creating an Environment for Nuclear Disarmament, to distil lessons learned about the Ukraine crisis and how to reduce future nuclear risks. Kings College London
  • [New] About 99% of people in the world breathe air that exceeds air quality limits and threatens their health, and more than 13 million deaths around the world each year are due to avoidable environmental causes, including air pollution. United Nations
  • [New] As more communities come to understand the role that distributed energy resources could play in their own energy transitions and seek their environmental, economic, and social benefits, distributed wind could play a unique role in the future U.S. grid. NREL
  • [New] Pollution remains the world's largest environmental risk factor for disease and premature death, particularly in low- and middle-income countries where air pollution accounts for about 75% of the nine million deaths. Health Policy Watch
  • [New] The evolving open banking environment in Saudi Arabia will be further fueled by the Kingdom's young and highly connected population. Entrepreneur Middle East
  • [New] Pollution is the world's largest environmental risk factor for disease and premature death - and that climate change and wildlife loss are closely linked. Sky News
  • [New] Since the turn of the century, global deaths attributable to air pollution have increased by more than half, a development that researchers say underscores the impact of pollution as the largest existential threat to human and planetary health. Inside Climate News
  • [New] The European Commission was among the first actors worldwide to identify climate change as a security issue, and China faces grave environmental security risks that climate change will only aggravate, such as rising sea levels and water scarcity. chinaobservers
  • [New] One Nation voters seem especially keen on policies to address threatened habitats but were the least keen to see more climate change policies, while United Australia Party voters were similar to One Nation, but not nearly so keen on policies to address threatened habitats and endangered species. The Conversation
  • [New] If MOXIE works the way that scientists hope it will, future astronauts will not only make their own oxygen; they could use it as a component in the rocket fuel they will need to fly back to Earth. The Conversation
  • [New] Against the backdrop of trade tensions with the United States, a worsening geopolitical environment and growing supply chain vulnerabilities due to climate change and COVID-19, China is introducing policies to boost domestic production of critical agricultural and food products. East Asia Forum
  • [New] Role of businesses and investors Responsible business conduct including human rights and environmental due diligence in global value chains can mitigate the risks of adverse corporate human rights or environmental impacts and contribute to resilient supply chains. France Diplomacy - Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs
  • [New] New oil and gas projects, if not stopped, will push global temperatures beyond the limits to which governments claim to have committed us, and are likely to drive Earth systems past their tipping points. The Guardian
  • [New] From an environmental perspective, the solar PV array will eliminate the equivalent of 20072 tons of carbon dioxide generated per annum, which is a significant step toward achieving Ford's carbon-free emissions targets. Wheels
  • [New] The disruption of Russian aggression will have long-term economic implications for all European economies, as well as the destruction of the Ukrainian economy, further highlighting the need to shore up gaps in supply chains, food security, energy, and rare earth minerals. Wilson Center
  • [New] While pollution's impact on the environment is well-known, fewer people might be aware that outdoor and indoor air pollution exposure causes an estimated 7 million premature deaths worldwide each year, and is associated with lung and heart disease, among other serious health issues. Yahoo News
  • [New] Air pollution monitors at the fencelines of US oil refineries found that nearly half of them last year were releasing benzene at levels that 'could pose a long-term health threat to surrounding communities'. Bunkerspot - Independent Intelligence for the Global Bu
  • [New] Space manufacturing could allow humanity to build large structures efficiently, using materials launched from Earth or harvested on another world such as the moon or Mars. Space
  • [New] The Government Accountability Office urges the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that chemical facilities have a contingency plan to deal with risks from climate change and protect nearby communities from chemical disasters. MedCity News
  • [New] If we make the right policy choices today, the domestic EV industry will be a true American success story that creates millions of jobs, drives down costs, and contributes to avoiding trillions in health and environmental impacts. Vehicle Telematics, ADAS, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle
  • The last decade has seen a resurgence of community resilience and environmental justice campaigns fuelled by recently discovered opportunities for holding transnational companies to account in European courts. New Internationalist Magazine Digital Edition
  • NASA's Perseverance rover, which landed on Mars in 2021, is currently collecting rock cores from an ancient dried-up lakebed that could become the first pristine samples of the red planet ever returned to Earth, if all goes to plan in the coming decade. Vice

Last updated: 21 May 2022