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  • [New] Biodiversity is essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, ending the existential threat of climate change, halting land degradation, building food security and supporting advances in human health. UN News
  • [New] Food security in Africa is threatened, and overall food costs have risen as carbon based energy prices have tripled, driving up inventory and logistic costs. R "Ray" Wang - A Software Insider's Point of View
  • [New] Russia's reaction underscored the geopolitical fallout from the war in Ukraine as it spurs what could become one of the most radical redrawings of Europe's security order in decades. The New York Times
  • [New] Next-generation endpoint protection tools enable organizations to report on security incidents in great detail, use intelligence about threats worldwide and work effectively with other tools in an organization's cyber defenses. Technology Solutions That Drive Business
  • [New] White House science and technology officials are working to size up a host of challenges that will be posed in the coming years as quantum computing technologies become more mature, including migrating security technologies and attracting a stronger quantum science workforce to the United States. IBM Center for the BusinessGovernment
  • [New] The sudden spike in global prices of wheat had put the food security and the neighbouring countries and other vulnerable countries at risk. Mint
  • [New] Emerging nations could see more acute threats to energy and food security, like the ones already causing turmoil in countries from Sri Lanka to Peru. The Times Of India
  • [New] Adaptation issues are closely linked to food security - a key challenge facing the continent that has been exacerbated by global supply chain disruptions and the invasion of Ukraine. Center for Global Development | Ideas to Action
  • [New] The invasion of Ukraine has forced the G7 to focus on the Russian threat to European security and democracy, limiting its bandwidth for global health. Council on Foreign Relations
  • [New] The United States and Russia are engaged in a violent balance-of-power struggle that will determine the fate of Ukraine, European security, and the international order - a grim development for global health. Council on Foreign Relations
  • [New] Finland joining NATO would threaten Russian security and do nothing for the security alliance. The Hill
  • [New] Russia's unprovoked illegal aggression has exacerbated an already bad situation and has created a major threat to global food security through a deliberate policy of weaponisation of global food supply. The Times
  • [New] As the war in Ukraine drags on and threatens to become a destructive stalemate, Sweden and Finland have concluded that their security environment is deteriorating and have opted for the greater protection that they believe NATO membership will provide. Foreign Policy
  • [New] The war in Ukraine has highlighted the vulnerability of European Union energy supplies and underlined the importance of the energy transition to Europe's energy security. World Economic Forum
  • [New] The United States and allies have responded to Putin's action with a sanctions package unprecedented in scope and severity, while European dependence on Russian energy sources has further exposed the national security risks embedded in supply chains. CSIS
  • [New] The US government needs to review and adapt the existing climate change missions of defense and security establishments to ensure that they are equipped to address the growing national security threat posed by climate change. Center for International Environment and Resource Policy
  • [New] Security In a world in which hackers get more sophisticated and more and more equipment is connected online, the security of sensitive machines also has to improve to keep ahead of potential threats. Zenoot
  • [New] The European Commission was among the first actors worldwide to identify climate change as a security issue, and China faces grave environmental security risks that climate change will only aggravate, such as rising sea levels and water scarcity. chinaobservers
  • [New] The only country that threatens European security, and is now openly waging a war of aggression, is Russia. Bangkok Post

Last updated: 24 May 2022