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  • [New] Qualcomm enables many phone makers to power their devices, and it would expect many hardware or metaverse companies to choose its AR platform for their products. TNW | Next-Featured
  • [New] Nokia will assess the security resilience of 5G networks, as well as their associated software, hardware and applications. TM Forum Inform
  • [New] Later in 2022, merchants in the US will be able to accept Apple Pay and other contactless payments via their iPhones, without the need for extra hardware (like Square's devices). The Motley Fool UK
  • Microsoft will be delivering Azure workloads to the SBC-2 hardware, running machine learning and other pre-processing applications, before delivering data to Azure for further work. TechRepublic
  • Russia could muster rows of troops in freshly pressed uniforms and displays of military hardware. The Daily Beast
  • By 2030, companies will sell most equipment as part of bundled solutions including software and services, reducing hardware's share of total profits. Bain
  • The demand for military hardware and services will continue despite the exit or suspension of Russia's participation.
  • Elon Musk has seized the opportunity to deploy Starlink hardware to the Ukranians for added redundancy. Domaintools
  • Non-platform manufacturers will continue to leverage protocols like Matter to provide hardware and software that work on multiple platforms, but a Google speaker still will not share rich data with an Amazon Alexa-powered microwave. Future Today Institute
  • Export controls imposed on Russia will restrict Russian manufacturers' access to advanced technologies critical in modern military hardware and components that Russia does not possess. Radio Free Asia
  • IDC continues to forecast substantial growth in the coming years across all areas of AR, including hardware, software, and services. AREA
  • Toshiba will provide QKD hardware and key management software combined with in-built Ethernet security based on public-key based encryption, which will enable the resultant keys to be used to encrypt data. CSO Online
  • Russia might need to look to China to buy software and hardware products if it is cut off from U.S. and European products for too long. Observer Research Foundation
  • Any major disruptions to the delivery of Russian military hardware are likely to prompt African countries to diversify their supply base away from Russia, most likely in favour of China and the West. Verisk Maplecroft
  • Ford's just in time approach to inventory and supply chain management will need to change, and so will the strategy of relying on suppliers to develop much of the hardware used in vehicles. TinyLetter
  • One of the ramifications of Washington's drastically increased military activities is that its military hardware and personnel would be severely stretched, leading to a greater risk of accidents and friction in the South China Sea. Asia News Network
  • If you want antivirus software coverage for more than one piece of hardware, you will need to purchase the Multi-Device package which supports up to five devices including mobiles (plus it provides identity theft protection, at least for US users). TechRadar
  • Headquartered in California, Conductive Ventures III will invest in early-stage startups in software, hardware, technology-enabled services and blockchain technologies with thematic areas including artificial intelligence, financial technology, digital health, future of work, among others. Panasonic Newsroom Global
  • As Apple expands its payments capabilities enabling merchants to accept payments on iPhones, many merchants could completely bypass the need for third-party hardware to accept payments, putting pressure on hardware makes like Ingenico and even Square. American Banker
  • Plans to have fault-tolerant quantum computing hardware by 2030 and many industry observers anticipate that we will see a clear quantum advantage for a number of applications such as drug discovery by then. Forbes
  • Inflation, supply chain disruptions and the war in Ukraine will slow IT hardware spending in 2022. Tech Monitor
  • Some A$5bn of the Redspice budget is expected to be spent with Australian industry, including software, hardware, artificial intelligence and machine learning, secure communications, as well as workforce planning, recruitment and training.

Last updated: 24 May 2022