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  • [New] Adidas, which has targets to use only recycled polyester by 2024 and to make 90% of its products in a way that is more sustainable by 2025, will use TrusTrace's software to track all certified materials used in its products in the next two years. The Business of Fashion
  • [New] NI has around 9,744 opportunities available for software developers, but with an average salary of £43,690, lower than other regions in the UK on average. National Technology
  • [New] The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, like other regions, has seen a large increase in threat activity aimed at Managed Service Providers as cyber-criminals exploit vulnerabilities in infrastructure, software and processes to access and compromise sensitive customer data. MySecurity Marketplace
  • [New] Quantum software applications, developer tools, and the number of quantum engineers and specialists will increase as infrastructure develops over the next five years, allowing more enterprises to harness the power of quantum computing and AI. LinkedIn
  • [New] Even greater benefits accrue when agencies move software as a service (SaaS) applications certified by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. Federal News Network
  • [New] Traditional banks and how we interact with banking services will be obfuscated by software, crypto, & technology platforms in the next 5 to 10 years. The Headless Banking Letter
  • [New] The world's leading development platform said it will require all code-contributing users to enroll in 2 FA by the end of 2023 to enhance the security of developer accounts and bolster security within the software supply chain. CSO Online
  • [New] Widespread source code disclosure could actually weaken security - as source code can be leveraged to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in software used by organisations globally. Defence Connect
  • [New] Russia might need to look to China to buy software and hardware products if it is cut off from U.S. and European products for too long. Observer Research Foundation
  • Last month, cybersecurity authorities from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K., and the U.S. jointly warned that threat actors aggressively targeted newly disclosed critical software vulnerabilities against broad target sets, including public and private sector organizations worldwide. The Hacker News
  • Tesla has significant additional positive optionality as it could leverage its core competencies in software, artificial intelligence, batteries, and manufacturing to expand into new markets over time. Seeking Alpha
  • Samsung Networks Business will supply DISH Wireless with its 5G and RAN solutions, vRAN software and a variety of O-RAN compliant radio units, including Massive MIMO radios. Samsung Newsroom US
  • GM's mobility business will include its EV and autonomous vehicle portfolio of vehicles, along with new and innovative software, autonomous technology and freight and logistics services. Detroit Free Press
  • By 2030, companies will sell most equipment as part of bundled solutions including software and services, reducing hardware's share of total profits. Bain
  • The advisory warned that malicious cyber actors aggressively targeted newly disclosed critical software vulnerabilities against broad target sets, including public and private sector organizations worldwide, last year. CSO Online
  • Applications are frequent sources of data breaches because security solutions have not kept pace with modern attacks, which focus on exploiting software code vulnerabilities. User Walls
  • IDC continues to forecast substantial growth in the coming years across all areas of AR, including hardware, software, and services. AREA
  • Carbon accounting and management software really came into its own last year, spurred by corporate net-zero commitments, and it looks as if 2022 could represent a tipping point for supply chain software that empowers sourcing decisions point to net zero. GreenBiz
  • Dell today revealed an improved range of software for its on-premise data storage systems, which it says will offer customers better performance and a more secure environment. Tech Monitor
  • Cariad, Volkswagen Group's software company, will look to Qualcomm Technologies to supply system-on-chips for its software platform designed to enable assisted and automated driving functions up to Level 4.
  • Software will benefit from the largest percentage increase in spending in 2022 at 9.8%, whereas communications spending will experience the lowest rate of growth at 0.3%. TM Forum Inform

Last updated: 23 May 2022