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  • [New] Japan has adopted a more proactive its foreign policy since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which triggered a deep alarm that has accelerated Japan's ongoing debate over defense and security policies amid China's growing territorial threat. Washington Post
  • [New] The U.S. has sent anti-aircraft weapons to shoot down Russian warplanes - which is ostensibly why the U.S. will not provide fighter jets. Defense One
  • [New] The Russian invasion of Ukraine has heightened urgency in Washington, where officials are re-examining Taiwan's defensive capabilities to ensure it could fight off an invasion. The New York Times
  • [New] Fearing escalation with nuclear-armed Russia, Biden quickly ruled out putting U.S. forces into direct conflict with Russia, but he has shipped billions of dollars in U.S. military assistance that has helped Ukraine put up a stiffer-than-expected resistance to Russia's onslaught. New York Post
  • [New] The Myanmar military's long history of committing war crimes with impunity should have been enough evidence for Japan that its military training program was going to risk making Japan complicit in atrocities. Human Rights Watch
  • [New] The risk of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons should overrule most other concerns of the U.S. regarding the Islamic Republic and its policies. Russian Council
  • [New] Since the strategy pushing Iran to drop some of its demands is apparently not working, agreeing to some symbolic, although politically painful concessions, might be the only way for the U.S. to make sure the Islamic Republic does not acquire a nuclear weapon. Russian Council
  • [New] A limited military operation is almost impossible to imagine: To effectively curtail nuclear developments in Iran, the U.S. and their allies would have to conduct a full-scale campaign involving the use of aircraft and missile strikes. Russian Council
  • [New] If Truss's plans are adopted, NATO members would provide modern weaponry to Moldova, replacing its Soviet-era equipment, and will train soldiers on how to use it. Reuters
  • [New] Given the danger that even a single tactical nuclear weapon could cause calamitous damage and quickly escalate into a full-scale nuclear exchange, keeping the war in Ukraine from turning nuclear ought to be a central objective of U.S. and NATO military planners. The Hill
  • [New] The world has been rightly aghast at Russian threats to use nuclear weapons if its existence is jeopardized, although the United States has also refused to rule out the first use of nuclear weapons. The Hill
  • [New] The Russian threat over nuclear weapons in Ukraine underscores a much more severe and entrenched problem: how fragile the global nuclear balance is. Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
  • [New] Russia was forming 12 military units in its western military district in response to rising threats there, citing NATO membership bids by Finland and Sweden. NDTV
  • [New] A Chinese nation-state threat actor has been caught conducting cyber espionage operations against two Russian defence research institutes using phishing emails that spoof the Russian Ministry of Health and contain malicious documents that exploit western sanctions against Russia as a lure.
  • [New] In the U.S., President Joe Biden was expected to sign a $40 billion package of military and economic aid to Ukraine and its allies. NBC4 Washington
  • [New] China might have carried out tests of hypersonic gliders as a part of an orbital bombardment system that could evade missile defenses and deliver nuclear weapons to targets in the continental United States. Foreign Affairs Magazine
  • [New] Even if the United States were somehow to successfully eliminate the risk of AI accidents in its own military systems - a bold and incredibly challenging goal, to be sure - it still would not have solved risks to the United States from technical failures in Russian and Chinese military AI systems. CSIS
  • [New] In the short-term, NATO's key priorities will be deterring Russian aggression, reassuring allies, and bolstering political, economic, humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine. Kings College London
  • [New] In FY 2023, MDA will continue to develop and plan a GPI demonstration and leverage the Aegis Weapon System to provide the U.S. Warfighter increasingly capable regional defensive capabilities. USNI News
  • [New] The campaign targeting Russian defense research institutes might serve as more evidence of the use of espionage in a systematic and long-term effort to achieve Chinese strategic objectives in technological superiority and military power. The New York Times
  • [New] How Threat Actors Are a Click Away From Becoming Quasi-APTs (Dark Reading) As demonstrated in Ukraine and elsewhere, the battlefield for today's warriors extends to the virtual realm with cyber warfare.

Last updated: 26 May 2022