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WHAT'S NEXT?: Global demand for fresh water is expected to outpace sustainable supply by 40% in 2030. Global water demand will climb in tandem with population and economic growth. At least two-thirds of the world's population will face 'water stress' by 2025 and the number of people affected by floods could increase by a factor of three by 2100 bring significant risk of unrest and conflict. The UN Security Council will have to declare water a strategic resource of humanity and adopt a resolution to protect water resources and installations. Organizations will be expected to play their part in conserving water.

  • [New] Eastern Africa is facing a high risk of rains failing for a fourth consecutive season, meaning the worst drought in 40 years. The Guardian
  • [New] The European Commission was among the first actors worldwide to identify climate change as a security issue, and China faces grave environmental security risks that climate change will only aggravate, such as rising sea levels and water scarcity. chinaobservers
  • [New] Due to Zambia's endowment in water resources, fisheries are estimated to have the potential to produce 150,000 metric tons of fish per year on a sustainable basis. ZambiaInvest
  • [New] Russia has targeted industrial waste facilities, which has led to wastewater leaking into rivers and lakes, creating a public health risk and preventing civilians from accessing clean drinking water. Climate Home
  • [New] London could run out of water within 25 years and British rivers could lose more than half their water by 2050 as cities around the world face growing risks from drought driven by the climate crisis. The Independent
  • [New] Planned drilling projects across US land and waters will release 140 billon metric tons of planet-heating gases if fully realized, an analysis shared with the Guardian has found. Mother Jones
  • [New] After three years of drought and declining rainfall, Iraq's amber rice production will be only symbolic in 2022, forcing consumers to seek out imported varieties and leaving farmers pondering their future. Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
  • [New] Cities around the world from London to Beijing and New Delhi face growing risks from drought driven by climate change. The Independent
  • [New] Within the next few decades, 129 countries will experience an increase in drought - 23 primarily due to population growth and 38 because of their interaction between climate change and population growth. Saudigazette
  • [New] With the support of The VF Foundation's $250,000 grant, WaterAid will improve access to clean water in Cambodia's Kandal Province by working directly with local governments and community members. nextbillion
  • [New] Just after the United Nations reported a 29-percent increase in droughts over a generation, a Reuters analysis examined how North Korea's coronavirus outbreak, combined with drought warnings, could deepen its already dire food situation in 2022. The Hill
  • [New] Targets drawn up by government and put out to consultation include a requirement for water companies to reduce the frequency of discharges to bathing waters by 70% by 2035, or significantly reduce harmful pathogens they contain, for example by using ultraviolet radiation. The Guardian
  • [New] A UN report stresses that the frequency and duration of droughts will increase due to human-caused climate change, seriously exacerbating water scarcity that already affects billions of people. FAIRR
  • [New] On the domestic Indian front, climate change, including extreme heat, will degrade crop yields, flood coastal and other cities, and cause greater episodes of drought. The Center for Climate & Security
  • [New] Tunisia now has probably the worst food shortage in the Maghreb, which is all the more sobering given that Morocco is currently experiencing its worst drought in decades and is expected to lose more than half of 2022's grain crop. London Review of Books
  • [New] Being able to move right away and going to get food and water is really important, particularly bearing in mind things like water resources in Africa are not everywhere. Discover Magazine
  • [New] Urban centres around the world including London are in increasing danger of running out of fresh water, as growing populations and climate change put even greater stress on resources. Sky News
  • [New] The Environment Agency and Natural England expect water companies to consider using catchment and nature-based solutions more broadly, wherever they can achieve whole or part of the environmental outcome. GOV.UK
  • [New] As climate change gathers pace, salt will be a growing threat to the world's food supplies, particularly where farmers rely on artificial irrigation. Yale E360
  • [New] By around 2050 rising sea levels in the South China Sea will be the dominant driver of salinization, making wide areas uninhabitable for rice farmers long before they are inundated by the ocean itself. Yale E360
  • Much of California's water comes from melting snow and with a far below normal snowpack, state officials have told water agencies they will receive only 5% of what they have requested from state water supplies beyond what's needed for critical activities like drinking and bathing. AP News
  • A better understanding of the devastating impacts of the climate crisis has led to the internationally agreed limit for global heating being lowered to 1.5 C, to cut the risks of extreme heatwaves, droughts, and floods. The Guardian
  • With warming temperatures, droughts will continue to increase around the world, drying up drinking water sources and water for crops. Space

Last updated: 21 May 2022