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  • [New] A new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology demonstrated that several autonomous cars controlled by a machine-learning program could pass through an intersection and help traffic flow more smoothly. The Optimist Daily
  • [New] 20% of croplands globally are at high risk of losing productivity because of subsoil compaction by modern agricultural vehicles, with the highest risks in Europe and North America where it's relatively moist and there are more large farms using the largest machines. The Conversation
  • [New] Yearling will be testing new technologies to enable lower cost CubeSat architectures that are equipped with novel Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning compute capabilities alongside a satellite-to-satellite networking demonstration with the Stanford Student Space Initiative. SpaceRef
  • [New] Many Android apps will not run on Intel Chromebooks at all, but for use with ChromeOS itself, Intel-based machines like the Flex 5 i just perform better. CNN Underscored
  • [New] Automakers may need to adopt and adapt to new technologies in cloud, AI, data analytics, machine learning, and IoT to ensure that the new ecosystem of their suppliers will be transparent, agile, and resilient to global volatilities. MIT Technology Review
  • [New] Microsoft will be delivering Azure workloads to the SBC-2 hardware, running machine learning and other pre-processing applications, before delivering data to Azure for further work. TechRepublic
  • [New] In a new study, researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory have turned to the power of machine learning to predict the lifetimes of a wide range of different battery chemistries. Tech Xplore
  • [New] Financial services will be increasingly shaped by predictive analytics, algorithms, and machine learning but that technology can also reinforce historical biases that have excluded too many Americans from opportunities. American Banker
  • [New] Led by Infosim, the QuNet + ML project will research methods for optimizing quantum key distribution in large-scale networks using machine learning. ChannelBiz UK
  • [New] Head of global supply chain at consultancy Publicis Sapient, AI and machine learning have played a decisive role in maintaining supply and helping businesses plan for chip shortages, which had been expected to ease out as pandemic restrictions were lifted. IT Pro
  • A data scientist at Google could be leveraging natural language processing, an area of machine learning, to better understand users' search terms in order to rank the most relevant search results. KDnuggets
  • The European Union could phase out Russian oil imports by the end of the year, under the latest set of sanctions against Vladimir Putin's war machine being discussed in Brussels. The Guardian
  • The Dutch AI specialist sees a huge potential for deep learning in the manufacturing industry, where AI could be used for applications like defect detection and machine optimization. VentureBeat
  • Researchers from Boston Children's Hospital and Yonsei University have developed a machine learning tool to predict no-shows in pediatric medical appointments. Healthcare IT News
  • While effective data management has long been a core practise for business intelligence and analytics, enterprises will need to alter their practises in the coming years to meet the demands of advanced analytics technologies such as machine learning and other artificial intelligence. Medium
  • The biggest enterprise opportunity is the ability to use earth observation imagery, combined with machine learning, in an effective way to anticipate risk and mitigate risk at a global scale. VentureBeat
  • We believe fintech will remain a core component of the evolving European VC ecosystem as competing businesses increasingly use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and proprietary technology to improve products and services for customer bases. AltFi
  • Headquartered in Toronto, Vector researchers are at the bleeding edge of deep learning and machine learning, an area of scientific, academic and commercial innovation that will shape the next generation of business and research. NORCAT
  • By 2025, there will be 149 million new digital jobs in areas like software development, cybersecurity, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • C4IR Rwanda will have a particular focus on data governance, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Commonwealth Business Communications
  • The newly raised funds will be used to strengthen VerSe Innovation's position in the local language content space in India by enhancing its AI and machine learning capabilities and broadening its offerings to include areas such as e-commerce and live streaming. AsianInvestor

Last updated: 22 May 2022