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  • [New] The military officials expressed hope that the reconnaissance satellites will serve as an eye for South Korea's Kill Chain preemptive strike system as they will enable prompt detection or early warning signs of a potential North Korean nuclear or missile attack. The Sunday Guardian Live
  • [New] Ola Electric is committed to delivering the best in technology, with the gigafactory expected to commence operations in 2024, setting a new standard for excellence in the electric vehicle industry. Electric Vehicle Info
  • [New] More international cooperation: Achieving the climate goals agreed in Paris depend on new levels of collaboration between government, and between countries and companies, to drive down emissions, and to protect everyone on earth with an effective early warning system by 2027. UN News
  • [New] As the financial landscape evolves, UK lawmakers are advocating a cautious approach to the introduction of a retail digital pound, emphasizing the need for balance between technological innovation and potential risks. Coingape
  • [New] The U.S. Department of Energy is scaling up hydrogen technologies to support the global transition to clean energy, including by ramping up investments in research, development, and demonstration to pursue the Hydrogen Shot goal of reducing the cost of clean hydrogen to $ 1/kg by 2031. The White House
  • [New] The COP 28 presidency will support the increase of energy efficiency by 2030 through tripling the production capacity of renewable energy sources, doubling low-carbon hydrogen production, and providing sustainable cooling systems accessible to everyone. Zawya
  • [New] More sharing of information among neighboring countries, using platforms like the World Meteorological Organization's Climate Services Information System, could also improve forecasts. The Conversation
  • [New] The current, still early phase of the global space economy offers an opportune moment to propose and practice societal and sectoral norms needed to bring the potential of emerging space economies and technologies to fruition. Said Business School
  • [New] Technological innovations could be spread to small and big businesses alike through organizations including Germany's Fraunhofer institutes and the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation in the US. New Statesman
  • [New] A2 / AD capabilities enabled by integrated air defence systems that include advanced fighters, advanced surface-to-air missiles, active and passive cuing systems, and directed energy weapons make many U.S. fixed facilities vulnerable to attack in ways hard to imagine a decade ago. International Defense Security & Technology
  • [New] Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States are planning to conduct joint maritime drone exercises in 2024 and aim to incorporate artificial intelligence into various military systems, including maritime patrol aircraft, primarily for tracking Chinese submarines. BNN Breaking
  • [New] Unlike the United States, China and Russia have not declared that they will abstain from deploying nuclear payloads with their systems. National Defense University Press
  • [New] By harnessing advanced engine technologies and adopting a reusable approach, China aims to lower costs, increase launch frequency, and open up new opportunities for space travel and scientific endeavours. International Defense Security & Technology
  • [New] The on-orbit testing has demonstrated for the first time that microwave electrothermal plasma technology has the potential to achieve high specific impulse using water propellant. gameranbu
  • [New] Mastercard calculated that virtual cards have the potential to drive cost savings of $0.50 to $14 per transaction, so we expect them to become a popular, automated payment technology in the coming year. FinExtra
  • [New] The eLearning landscape is set to undergo significant transformations in 2024, driven by advancements in technology, changing educational needs, and a growing demand for flexible, personalized learning experiences. eLearning Industry
  • [New] Cybersecurity authorities from the UK and U.S. teamed to establish a set of global safety guidelines for the development of Artificial Intelligence, measures endorsed by more than a dozen international agencies and aimed at curbing threats linked to the technology. Guardian Nigeria
  • [New] Transformational technologies, including AI-augmented software engineering, AI coding assistants and platform engineering, will reach mainstream adoption in 2-5 years. Gartner
  • [New] The rapid development and advancement of technology is changing the world that policymakers will have to navigate as well as providing them with powerful tools to manage it. Atlantic Council
  • [New] Investment in new green technologies could galvanise the UK economy and improve living standards. niesr
  • As technology continues to advance, virtual phone numbers will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of SMS, offering even more innovative ways to connect and engage with audiences around the world. TechBullion
  • In 6G, emerging technologies such as IoT and AI will be integral to its services, and also influence the future of the global economy. The Wire
  • Artificial Intelligence could make college essays obsolete in the 21st century, but one business believes professors should incorporate the technology to help eliminate cheating and provide more honest assessments.

Last updated: 04 December 2023

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