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WHAT'S NEXT?: Conflict, climate change, and economic necessity will continue to cause mass migrations to more stable countries and in turn cause concerns about integration, security and excess demand of national resources.from the accepting nation.

  • [New] A handful of asylum seekers have abandoned attempts to stay in the UK after the Home Office announced five weeks ago that they could be sent to Rwanda. BBC News
  • [New] There's $8bn in general economic support, $5bn to address global food shortages that could result from the collapse of Ukrainian agriculture and more than $1bn to help refugees. The Independent
  • [New] White House science and technology officials are working to size up a host of challenges that will be posed in the coming years as quantum computing technologies become more mature, including migrating security technologies and attracting a stronger quantum science workforce to the United States. IBM Center for the BusinessGovernment
  • [New] The Biden administration is creating a new system in which Ukrainians will bypass that border altogether, while the many other refugees and asylum seekers of other backgrounds will continue to face walls and other barriers. The Nation
  • [New] Although the first refugees were relatively healthy, the threatened escalation of the situation in Ukraine may soon bring about a mass exodus of sicker refugees. Council on Foreign Relations
  • [New] Decisions to transport asylum seekers to Rwanda would be considered on a case-by-case basis and did not deny that people fleeing war in Ukraine could be among them. The Guardian
  • [New] The Coalition government is keeping the permanent migration cap at 160,000 places for 2022-23 but will increase the proportion of visas dedicated to skilled migrants to about 70%. ABC (Australia)
  • [New] Any assault by Russian forces on Syrian rebels holed up on the Turkish border could trigger an exodus of refugees into Turkey. Ankara Tightens Russian Access to Syria
  • [New] India could respond to the growing humanitarian challenges on its northeastern borders by supporting the state governments and civil society groups that bear the cost of hosting refugees from Myanmar. United States Institute of Peace
  • [New] The Home Office has admitted there is evidence LGBTQ + refugees could face persecution in Rwanda - but is pushing ahead with plans to send asylum seekers there. PinkNews | Latest lesbian, gay, bi and trans news | LGBT+ news
  • [New] The Home Office will start telling asylum seekers this week that they may be sent to Rwanda as ministers try to kick-start the deportation scheme in the face of legal challenges. Conservative Home
  • [New] To address the opportunities and challenges that migration presents, Albania has invested in developing a migration strategy and a dedicated policy framework. OECD
  • By stripping Syrian refugees of protection, Denmark is tearing families apart and putting hundreds of people at risk - people who have already fled a brutal war and survived unimaginable human rights abuses. The Syria Campaign
  • Arrivals from Jordan will bring the number of Syrian refugees in Ireland to 528 for 2022. RTE
  • The relentless conflict combined with the COVID-19 pandemic will put extreme pressure on the health system in Ukraine and neighboring countries, compromising timely delivery of mental health services for refugees. Nature
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine has triggered large-scale humanitarian, migration and refugee crises and risks for a global economy that is still dealing with the impact of the Covid pandemic. The Guardian
  • Mass migration of refugees fleeing into Europe could pose greater stresses on ecosystem services in countries opening their doors to refugees. Royal United Services Institute
  • Hezbollah Secretary General warned the pro-US political forces in Lebanon that Washington wants Lebanon to acknowledge Israel existence, normalize ties with the occupation entity and naturalize the Palestinian and Syrian refugees. ABNA24
  • Ministers' threats to send unauthorised migrants to Rwanda are having a detrimental impact on the physical and psychological health of people seeking asylum. The Guardian
  • Orban may harbor hope that the fallout of Russia's war in Ukraine, which will leave neighboring countries hosting large numbers of refugees as their economies suffer, could eventually revive the populist tide. Foreign Policy
  • Moldova's fragile institutions are struggling to cope with the influx of Ukrainian refugees and trade disruptions caused by the war on Ukraine. Regional Economic Prospects

Last updated: 25 May 2022