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  • [New] Climate scientists will now be able to estimate more accurately the extent of the damage that climate change is expected to wreak-damage that will only be mitigated if humanity intervenes and takes responsibility for the future of the planet.
  • [New] Human Rights Watch found that the data practices of an overwhelming majority of EdTech companies and their products risked or infringed on children's rights. Human Rights Watch
  • [New] Climate change, growing socio-economic inequalities across the globe, conflict and tensions in countries across the world are pushing millions from the safety of their homes and putting dignity and human life at grave risk. OHCHR
  • [New] Through military aid, economic assistance, humanitarian aid and strong political support at international forums, Canada will continue to have Ukraine's back. CBC
  • [New] In East China Sea and South China Sea, the Japan and the United States will closely cooperate on responding to China-related issue, including human rights. The White House
  • [New] Biodiversity is essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, ending the existential threat of climate change, halting land degradation, building food security and supporting advances in human health. UN News
  • [New] The World Health Organization and United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization have set a target for global dog-mediated human rabies elimination by 2030, but examples of large-scale dog vaccination programs demonstrating elimination remain limited in Africa and Asia. The University of Edinburgh
  • [New] The U.N. human rights agency has warned of devastating consequences for North Korea's 25 million people, while the World Health Organization has said unchecked spread could lead to emergence of deadlier new variants. Reuters
  • [New] The rising caseload and a lack of medical resources and vaccines has led the UN human rights agency to warn of devastating consequences for North Korea's 25 million people, and World Health Organization officials worry an unchecked spread could give rise to deadlier new variants. The Guardian
  • [New] Companies providing Internet services in China are held accountable for the content published on their products and are expected to invest in technology and human resources to censor content. The Citizen Lab
  • [New] While at the G7, Minister Sajjan announced $9 million in humanitarian and development funding to support people experiencing heightened vulnerability, including sexual and gender-based violence due to the war in Ukraine. Government of Canada
  • [New] Farm and companion animal organoids have a great potential for contributing to human health based on One Health initiatives. Frontiers
  • [New] The newly announced EU humanitarian funding will support Palestinian families' access to basic services and assistance, which is now even more urgent due to the rising food prices and food shortages as a global consequence of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations
  • [New] Just last month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a warning about an aggressive ransomware gang that attacks health care organizations. Pew Trusts
  • [New] Humans will not run out of ingenuity ever, but the AI systems of the world might run out ahead of human ingenuity when it comes to circuit design at some point in the next X years. The Next Platform
  • [New] The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and the resulting unpredictable operating environment meant it was no longer tenable to operate in Russia, nor is it consistent with McDonald's values. Mergers & Acquisitions
  • [New] The latest crop of bad actors and new state-sponsored attacks has created an environment where global economic disruption and human lives are at risk. Forbes
  • [New] In the short-term, NATO's key priorities will be deterring Russian aggression, reassuring allies, and bolstering political, economic, humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine. Kings College London
  • [New] Humans are always in danger of falling into a severe food shortage due to the increase in the world population, climate change caused by global warming, and the spread of infectious diseases (20, 123). Frontiers
  • [New] Since the turn of the century, global deaths attributable to air pollution have increased by more than half, a development that researchers say underscores the impact of pollution as the largest existential threat to human and planetary health. Inside Climate News
  • [New] The Utah Department of Health and the Utah Department of Human Services will realign to become the Utah Department of Health and Human Services. Parallon
  • [New] In a warmer atmosphere, a result of rising global temperatures due to the climate crisis increases the risk of disease to humans and plants in large areas where they did not previously exist. The Jerusalem Post
  • [New] The pairing of the Philippines' vulnerability with its relative lack of culpability makes it a powerful venue for an inquiry into climate change and human rights. Inside Climate News

Last updated: 29 May 2022