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WHAT'S NEXT?: Trust in politicians and experts is falling fast. Privacy is under threat and may lead to a collapse of confidence in technology as the world is increasingly networked. Unless reliability, integrity, and surety can keep pace with accelerating change trust in anything but oneself may disappear.

  • [New] A one-off windfall tax on energy producers will not sustainably help consumers and will only further reduce investor confidence in the UK, the ripple effect of which we will feel for many years to come. Offshore Energies UK (OEUK)
  • [New] China is likely confident that, given its centrality to the global economy, countries would be less willing to sanction it, as doing so could inflict just as much damage on their own economies as China's. Council on Foreign Relations
  • [New] Solar panels could soon be mandatory on all new buildings in the European Union under a new proposal aimed at rapidly replacing its reliance on Russian oil and gas supplies with renewable energy. Earth.Org - Past | Present | Future
  • [New] Full integration of Siemens Gamesa will simplify Siemens Energy's structure and provide a more coherent business model that caters to legacy energy assets such as coal and transition technologies such as gas and renewables. Reuters
  • [New] Western leaders have expressed confidence that Ankara's objections will not be a road block for the NATO accession process of the Nordic countries without spelling out how Turkey's position could be changed. Reuters
  • [New] Amid heightened uncertainty and plunging consumer confidence (European Commission 2022 a), they are exerting pressure on energy, food and other commodity prices; bringing renewed disruptions in global supply; and contributing to the tightening of financial conditions. PLACE
  • [New] The UK will improve the process of integrating intelligence products to attain information advantage. Wavell Room
  • [New] Canada will be a reliable partner in helping Europe to address energy and food security. Politico
  • [New] Trevelyan plans to 'de-Putinise' world economy by ending reliance on Russian gas. Car Dealer Magazine
  • [New] Solar panels would be mandatory on all new buildings in the European Union under a new proposal aimed at ending its reliance on Russian fossil fuels by 2027 and supercharging its transition to green energy. The Independent
  • [New] The European Commission has unveiled a 210 billion-euro plan for Europe to end its reliance on Russian fossil fuels by 2027, and to use the pivot away from Moscow to quicken its transition to green energy. ABC News
  • [New] With natural gas, petroleum and critical minerals in abundance, Canada will wed its commitment to climate change with technological development at home to provide reliable, environmentally friendly energy and critical mineral resources to the Indo-Pacific. The Strategist
  • [New] China will, as always, firmly support the Solomon Islands in safeguarding national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity and safeguarding domestic unity. Reuters
  • [New] The new customer engagement platform will leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 and integrate all of NatWest's front office systems across its contact centre and branches, customer messaging, video banking and complaints channels on to a unified digital platform. FinTech Futures
  • [New] Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is to back a £150 million rare earth metal processing plant on the Humber that could reduce the UK's reliance on imports of critical minerals from China. DirectorsTalk
  • [New] Integrated oil and gas multinational PETRONAS wanted to improve asset performance management and reduce downtime by fixing equipment before bigger problems could occur. Harvard Business Review
  • [New] Commodity prices remain radically undervalued relative to financial assets and we have great confidence that we will swing from commodities being radically undervalued to commodities being radically overvalued relative to financial assets at some point in this decade. Seeking Alpha
  • [New] Access to affordable and reliable renewable energy will help Africa respond to the climate crisis, powering Africa's development and bringing power to remote areas that fossil pipelines cannot reach. The Standard Group PLC
  • [New] The establishment of organ models integrating 3D organoid culture and organ-on-a-chip systems could lead to deeper insights in a range of different pathological conditions and broaden opportunities as One Health initiatives. Frontiers
  • [New] The European Commission unveiled a 210-billion-euro plan for Europe to end its reliance on Russian fossil fuels by 2027, and to use the pivot away from Moscow to quicken its transition to green energy. FuelCellsWorks
  • [New] The economic challenges that governments around the globe are facing could begin to chip away at the united front that Western nations have maintained in confronting Russia's aggression, including sweeping sanctions aimed at crippling its economy and efforts to reduce reliance on Russian energy. The New York Times
  • [New] A 210 billion euro ($220 billion) plan for Europe to end its reliance on Russian oil, gas and coal by 2027, including plans to more than double EU renewable energy capacity by 2030. Reuters

Last updated: 29 May 2022