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WHAT'S NEXT?: Traditional slow, hierarchical leadership models are breaking down to be replaced by more agile systems of decision-making. Consequently, populist leaders are threatening to replace many career politicians while leaders in general are dealing with unprecedented, complex levels and speed of change requiring instant insights and decision-making. Many leaders (middle management) will be lost to automation in the coming years while Millennials will increasingly occupy leadership roles..

  • [New] The Space for a Green Future Accelerator will deliver actionable information, assessing scenarios for policy implementation and tailored services for European decisionmakers to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 and establish global leadership in the competition for a rapidly emerging green economy.
  • [New] Without the level of investment required to accelerate the clean energy transition, Minnesota will continue to lag in climate leadership and fall behind on emission reduction targets-targets that are already out-of-date and insufficient according to the latest climate science. The Equation
  • [New] In New York, the equal ambitious Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act requires New York to reduce economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030 and 85% by 2050 from 1990 levels. Building Energy Exchange
  • [New] Canada's Blue Economy Strategy is an opportunity to meaningfully advance reconciliation and provide Indigenous communities with leadership roles in projects where trade meets tidewater. Indigenous Partnerships Success Showcase
  • [New] The Armenian leadership has officially stated that it recognises the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and has no territorial claims to Azerbaijan and will not do so in the future. SpecialEurasia
  • [New] COG provides training, educational resources, networking opportunities, and leadership to help build an agricultural system that empowers farmers, enhances human health, builds community and mitigates climate change while increasing Canadian food security. Nature's Path
  • [New] Amid new and unfamiliar threats to democratic progress worldwide, the EU has an obligation to show leadership and support populations whose freedoms are at risk. South China Morning Post
  • [New] Although the global energy innovation system still has major gaps, many countries have advanced assertive programs targeting specific sectors that collectively threaten U.S. leadership, including in public funding for energy RD & D, where the United States has long been the top investor. Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
  • [New] U.S. President Joe Biden has signed a National Security Memorandum aimed at maintaining leadership in quantum information science and mitigating the risks of quantum computing to national security. SiliconANGLE
  • [New] Under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, New York must achieve a so-called carbon neutral economy by 2050, mainly through the expanded use of clean energy sources and extensive electrification. The City
  • [New] Russian doctrine reserves the right to go nuclear in response to conventional threats, if the state (or leadership) is at risk. The Guardian
  • [New] As donors convene in Geneva, Action Against Hunger and over 50 NGOs called for an urgent and substantial step-up in funding and leadership to respond to the humanitarian catastrophe facing millions in the Horn of Africa due to the severe drought, warning that further delays will cost lives. Action Against Hunger
  • [New] If the community of democracies misses the chance for a united, unequivocal and steadfast response, the Chinese leadership will assume greater leeway for aggression toward Taiwan. SOAS China Institute
  • [New] Due to the narrow interests of the Kyiv leadership, the main risk lies in the inability of American and European partners to guarantee security and a decent life in emigration. USSANews
  • [New] The end of American involvement in Afghanistan and the change in leadership in Pakistan presents the United States with an opportunity to reset its long-troubled relationship with the world's fifth most populous country. Brookings
  • [New] The Delta Council endorsement of Medicaid expansion recognizes and acknowledges the risks inherent in Medicaid expansion - that changing congressional or White House leadership in Washington could change the program including match rates. The Oxford Eagle
  • [New] The Chinese leadership could calculate that China is not Russia, as its economy is at least ten times bigger. Jamestown
  • Promoting United States Leadership in Quantum Computing While Mitigating Risks to Vulnerable Cryptographic Systems - also known as NSM-10 - directs U.S. Government agencies to migrate vulnerable cryptographic systems to quantum-resistant cryptography as part of multi-year effort. National Security Agency/Central Security Service
  • Without the distraction of Ukraine, China is consolidating its global climate leadership as it seeks to meet President Xi Jinping's promise to strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. Climate and Capital Media
  • Frustration is growing among German Chancellor Olaf Scholz's junior coalition partners over what they say are shortcomings in his leadership on Ukraine, an internal rift that risks undermining Western unity against Russia. FRANCE 24
  • The Quad is crucial for India because it has the potential to boost its pharmaceutical prowess and to assert its leadership in the post-pandemic world through economic cooperation, shared democratic values, and strong defence ties. Observer Research Foundation

Last updated: 29 May 2022