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Generation X (Lost generation)

WHAT'S NEXT?: Over the next two decades, Gen Xers will begin taking over the leadership reins across all organizations. Gen Xers increasing incomes and savings will help them amass a net worth of $37 trillion in 2030.

  • American millennials are in danger of becoming a lost generation in terms of wealth accumulation. The Spectator World
  • Continuing disruptions to education and cancellation of examinations have made the prospect of a 'Lost Generation' a fearful reality for the Global South. Observer Research Foundation
  • The multitude of problems that have stemmed from Covid-19 is being compounded by a startling vaccine hesitancy, fuelled by fake news on social media, and threatens to create a lost generation of African youth. New African Magazine
  • As much of the developing world faces a combination of interrelated crises including extreme poverty, Covid-19, climate breakdown and intercommunal violence, there are growing fears for a lost generation of learners. The Guardian
  • The dire predictions about a lost generation of schoolchildren in Lebanon seem to be more in danger of becoming a reality with each passing day. Inside The Vatican
  • Until New York builds more wind and solar power, natural gas will supply most of the lost generation from the Indian Point plant. IER
  • UNICEF calls for averting a lost generation as COVID-19 threatens to cause irreversible harm to children's education, nutrition and well-being. World Health Organization Africa
  • With the No Lost Generation Initiative (£92m - 2016-2022) the UK has reached more than 134,000 boys and girls with child protection, Gender-Based Violence services and psychosocial support services to prevent and respond to violence. Naharnet
  • Political and economic systems need to adapt globally to address their needs directly and minimise the risk of a lost generation. Farmer's Weekly
  • The prairie fire of uncontrolled protests by alienated youth will not be extinguished, notwithstanding the national security law, putting at grave risk the future of both Hong Kong's prosperity and rule of law. globalpolicyjournal
  • Fears of a lost generation in the world's poorest countries can be quashed by investing $50 billion to ensure 136 million children can return to school safely. ReliefWeb
  • As shopping switches online, Britain's high-streets risk deterioration which in turn raises questions around the future of local communities. Ipsos Mori
  • Political and economic systems will need to adapt globally to directly address youth's needs and minimize the risk of a lost generation. World Economic Forum
  • Youth disillusionment is a top neglected risk that will become a critical threat to the world over the next two years. Oliver Wyman
  • UNICEF and partners are working in 2019 towards ensuring inclusive access to early learning and education in Syria through the provision of education and vulnerability grants to refugee children (3-6 years). Unicef
  • Estonia will come to increasingly rely on imported power from its eastern European and Nordic neighbours.
  • Young people in Italy risk becoming a lost generation. OECD
  • The epidemic levels of depression found among children will be compounded by a lack of recognition of mental illnesses in the Middle East. American Friends of Tel Aviv University
  • The coming decades will be an exciting time to be a particle physicist-and an exciting time for human inquiry into the nature of it all. Scientific American

Last updated: 28 May 2022