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Generation Y (Millennials)

WHAT'S NEXT?: Gen Y (also known as Millennials) are formed by the digital revolution that determined their childhood. Gen Y is going to continue finding newer digital avenues to explore. A remarkable 91% of Gen Y workers don't expect to stay in a job for longer than three years.

  • Younger shoppers appreciate the flexibility of Buy Now, Pay Later, with 44% of Gen Z and 37% of Millennials expected to make a BNPL payment in 2022, compared to 23% of Gen X and 9.4% of Baby Boomers. The Financial Brand
  • Consider that in 2021, Millennials overtook Gen X and Boomers as the dominant 30 - 60-year-old insurance buyer segment in the U.S. and will be joined by members of the Gen Z generation in 2025. Insurance Innovation Reporter
  • Australia's equity crowdfunding space is still in its infancy, but demand is expected to skyrocket as millennials and Generation Z are looking for new investment avenues as well as investments they are passionate about. Private Banker International
  • Millennial wealth transfer is the biggest trend coming up in that baby boomers will be transferring A$ 240 billion [US$ 175.1 billion] a year in Australia for the next 15 years. The CEO Magazine
  • 82% of Baby Boomers, 75% of Gen-Xers, and 73% of both Gen-Zers and Millennials plan to take between 1 to 5 trips for fun in the coming year. Hotel News Resource
  • Baby boomers in the US will transfer an estimated A$ 41.1 trillion (US$ 30 trillion) to A$ 93.2 trillion (US$ 68 trillion) to millennials, creating a phenomenal amount of opportunities for a new wave of emerging venture capitalists. The CEO Magazine
  • Some 42% of all consumers and 53% of millennials and Gen Z say they will spend more on secondhand in the next five years. SmartCompany
  • By generation, YouTube will have nearly double the penetration of TikTok among millennials in 2022, almost four times as many Gen Xers, and about eight times the penetration among baby boomers. Insider Intelligence
  • The workforce is experiencing a generational shift, as millennials are projected to make up three-fourths of the global workforce by 2025. Healthcare Dive
  • More than one-third of workers said they plan to look for a new job in the next 12 months, with millennials (aged 25-40) more likely than any other generation to look for a new job in 2022. Employer News
  • Survey findings indicated that 40% of US millennials say job flexibility is a key priority when choosing opportunities. Ulster University
  • The talent demographics is shifting as more millennials enter the workforce; by 2025, they will make up 75% of the global workforce. BW people
  • Today's Generation Z consumer will be 30-44 years old by 2040, while today's millennial consumer will be 45-59 years old by then. Credit Suisse
  • 42% of all consumers & 53% of Millennials and Gen Z say they will consume more secondhand in the next 5 years. Textile News, Apparel News, RMG News & Articles
  • Social commerce will reach $1.2 trillion by 2025, with growth driven primarily by Gen Z and millennial shoppers who will comprise 62% of worldwide social commerce spending by then. Retail Dive
  • Incomes in the U.S. reach their peak between the ages of 35 and 55 years of age, where millennials are approaching and Gen Z will be in 20-odd years. The Robin Report
  • Online luxury sales are predicted to increase to 30% in 2021, up from 22% in 2020 - a boost that is being driven by Millennial and Gen Z shoppers, who according to Vogue Business will account for a fifth of all luxury fashion spend by 2025. Ecommerce Age
  • Social commerce growth will be driven primarily by Gen Z and Millennial social media users, with the two demographics accounting for 62% of global social commerce spending by 2025. Time
  • There are many reasons that Millennials and Gen Zers in China will be eating more high-quality ready-to-eat meals in 2022. RADII | Stories from the center of China's youth culture
  • Generation Z and Millennials expect brands to be sustainable, ethical and to practice corporate social responsibility (CSR). Yahoo Life
  • Millennials are forecast to account for the majority of social commerce spending, to the tune of $401 billion, compared to $359 billion for Generation Z. InqPOP!

Last updated: 29 May 2022