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WHAT'S NEXT?: The world is depleting its natural resources at an alarming rate due to population growth and over consumption. Increased competition for ever-diminishing food and water resources may amplify socio-economically motivated armed conflicts and causing quests for more efficient resources on and beyond Planet Earth.

  • [New] Natural gas and oil provide more of the world's energy than any other source and will continue to be leading resources for decades to come. American Petroleum Institute
  • [New] The rising caseload and a lack of medical resources and vaccines has led the UN human rights agency to warn of devastating consequences for North Korea's 25 million people, and World Health Organization officials worry an unchecked spread could give rise to deadlier new variants. The Guardian
  • [New] To continue to be energy secure, America must steadily develop new oil and natural gas resources to meet projected American and global oil demand growth while also accounting for the natural decline in the production of existing wells. American Petroleum Institute
  • [New] A successful Ukrainian counteroffensive would lead to more opportunities for limited cross-border attacks (including in the Belgorod area) to destroy bridges, railheads, storage sites and air bases, obliging Russia to devote more of its resources to rear-area defence. Royal United Services Institute
  • [New] As more communities come to understand the role that distributed energy resources could play in their own energy transitions and seek their environmental, economic, and social benefits, distributed wind could play a unique role in the future U.S. grid. NREL
  • [New] WWF's Baltic Ecoregion Programme has evaluated Baltic EU Member States' maritime spatial planning strategies for sustainably managing marine areas and resources and concluded that while they lead the EU for sustainable sea space management, they are still putting nature at risk. Baltic WWF
  • [New] The MIT Energy Initiative's Future of Energy Storage study makes clear the need for energy storage and explores pathways using VRE resources and storage to reach decarbonized electricity systems efficiently by 2050. Tech Xplore
  • [New] Russia's invasion of Ukraine will inevitably raise questions for Europeans and Americans alike regarding their military, diplomatic, and financial resource allocation between Europe and the US in the Indo-Pacific. ECFR
  • [New] In addition to supporting Ukrainian farmers, the private sector should consider investing in new financial vehicles to support small and medium-size enterprises-including farmers - in countries where ensuring sustainable production at scale will require innovation and financial resources. BCG Global
  • [New] Urban centres around the world including London are in increasing danger of running out of fresh water, as growing populations and climate change put even greater stress on resources. Sky News
  • [New] Delaware drivers switching to electric vehicles will continue to enjoy extra savings after the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control announced it is extending the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program through the end of the year. State of Delaware News
  • [New] Providing resources and support to 500,000 small business owners by 2025, with 15% being small business owners of color. HRB Tax Group, Inc.
  • [New] Without a national strategy, Australia's model for using its resources will continue to be dig them up and ship them out. ABC (Australia)
  • [New] The northwestern region, consisting of Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia and Shaanxi provinces, is more remote and early economic development primarily relied on exporting natural resources, including coal, to other provinces as well as developing hydropower potential along the Yellow River. SpringerLink
  • [New] Reasons for biodiversity and resource degradation in East Africa are often well known and are strongly interlinked with human activities that could be altered to relieve pressure on the ecosystems. weADAPT
  • The Arctic is rich in natural resources, and its strategic importance to governments will have likely increased after Russia's invasion of Ukraine significantly deteriorated relations with the West. SpaceNews
  • The first public admission of COVID infections by North Korea highlights the potential for a major crisis in a country that lacks medical resources, has refused international help with vaccinations and kept its borders shut. The Jerusalem Post
  • In Central and Eastern Europe, the Russia-Ukraine war will delay investments for the current year impacting across many sectors, particularly the resource industry. IDC: The premier global market intelligence company
  • 92% of supply chain leaders expect to adopt new business models within five years, but they struggle to mitigate risk due to lack of visibility, collaboration and resource sharing with trading partners. Centric Consulting
  • While the UK might have put up its own criteria, it is encouraging that other countries, like Canada and the United States, have found that graduates of African universities are resourceful and innovative and they have risen to challenges. University World News

Last updated: 25 May 2022