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WHAT'S NEXT?: Digital lifestyles are on the rise around the world and AR and VR will likely see us all using wearables, head-mounted displays and smartphones in almost everything we do. And, most of us will be living in cities too with full amenities close by.

  • [New] Rapid advancements in digital technology have changed the way we shop, pay, work and interact, but with increased convenience comes increased risk. FinExtra
  • [New] China would remain at the forefront of economic growth for years to come, considering the structural shift in China's economic growth model, where a lot of opportunities would be generated in terms of boosting supply and value chains in the world. Global Times
  • [New] Unchecked climate change would be a major impediment to economic growth during the next 50 years, costing an estimated $178 trillion in net present value terms during the 2021-2070 period, a new study concludes. Axios
  • [New] With the World Bank predicting that energy and commodity prices will remain 'historically high' until 2024, the value of Irish social dialogue will be measured by outcomes, not the number of meetings scheduled. The Irish Times
  • [New] While mango holds great potential to contribute to Kenya's economic security, particularly for smallholder farmers, that potential has remained untapped due to challenges along its value chain. Agrilinks
  • [New] When choosing where to shop in the year ahead, 45% of consumers indicate they plan to explore more ways to save money, a level virtually unchanged from the year before. McKinsey & Company
  • [New] The investment loss due to cross-border tax complexity is expected to result in a further £16.1bn of value lost to the UK by 2026. CityAM
  • [New] The investment loss due to tax administration complexity is expected to result in a further £92 million of value lost to UK retailers by 2026. ChannelX - formerly Tamebay
  • [New] Jakarta's skepticism toward controls on dual-use technology presents a risk that sensitive items will fall into the wrong hands, especially as Indonesia is projected to move up the value chain in several dual-use sectors. CSIS
  • [New] Corporations have even greater potential to generate value as the United States shifts to a professional services-oriented economy. McKinsey & Company
  • [New] There are 12 bits of space per coordinate, capable of representing a value from 0 to 4095, but testing found that the 12th bit is ignored, allowing only values from 0 to 2047. Dolphin Emulator
  • [New] Air Liquide has been committed for more than 50 years to develop the entire hydrogen value chain and will bring its expertise in both the production of low-carbon hydrogen and the development of hydrogen mobility infrastructures. gasworld
  • [New] RCEP will boost the development of SMEs by providing important opportunities for SMEs to participate in regional and global value chains. China Briefing News
  • Agriculture played a very important role in the Vietnamese economy, especially in the context of the pandemic, when the agricultural sector could prove its value in ensuring social security.
  • Responsible business conduct including human rights and environmental due diligence in global value chains can mitigate the risks of adverse corporate human rights or environmental impacts and contribute to resilient supply chains. GOV.UK
  • In the next four years, the global value of open banking payments is expected to exceed $116bn, with Europe accounting for 75% of all transactions. UKTN | UK Tech News
  • Lack of action will lead to massive repercussions across the global value chain and within the shipping crew supply chain. gCaptain
  • Digital Realty has committed to reducing its Scope 1 and 2 emissions (direct and indirect emissions) by 68% and Scope 3 emissions (indirect emissions in its value chain) by 24% by 2030. PR Newswire
  • Digital wallets are projected to overtake cash as the most popular in-store payment method by 2023 when they are projected to account for 30.8% of POS transaction value. Mint
  • A very sharp depreciation in the value of the yen will have potentially made a tough period all the more challenging for overseas investors in Japanese assets. What does a weaker yen mean for investors in Japan?
  • The total transaction values for payments made using QR codes worldwide will reach more than US$3 tn by 2025, an increase of 25% from US$2.4 tn in 2022, driven by an increasing focus on financial inclusion in developing markets and alternative payment methods in developed regions. NFCW
  • As Vietnam wants to develop its local industries, it plans to review rates on import and export duties to increase exports while increasing local value inputs. Vietnam Briefing News

Last updated: 26 May 2022