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WHAT'S NEXT?: Crime is morphing away from traditional methods to more sophisticated technological approaches. A decline of traditional hierarchical criminal groups and networks will be accompanied by the expansion of a virtual criminal underground made up of individual criminal entrepreneurs. At the same time, forward-looking agencies are equipping themselves with smart technologies to outfox the criminals. Keep up to date with crime changes below.

  • [New] The Myanmar military's long history of committing war crimes with impunity should have been enough evidence for Japan that its military training program was going to risk making Japan complicit in atrocities. Human Rights Watch
  • [New] Turkey is already grumbling about opposing Finland's accession, due to its alleged support for Kurdish terrorists - but might well settle for payout of some form from the United States or Finland itself. The National Interest
  • [New] Ukraine has made seeking justice for atrocities committed by Russian troops a priority and national prosecutors are risking their lives to collect evidence of war crimes even in areas still threatened by enemy forces or laced with mines. The Guardian
  • [New] Judgments like Abu Aram are not only incompatible with international law, but they also push Israeli policies beyond the pale of international legality and put state officials at risk of international criminal persecution. Lawfare
  • [New] While Ukraine expressed hope for a prisoner exchange, Russian authorities have threatened to investigate some of the Azovstal fighters for war crimes and put them on trial, branding them Nazis and criminals. Time
  • [New] Sweden should not expect Turkey to approve its bid unless it returned terrorists, Kurdish militants and followers of Fethullah Gulen, and Swedish and Finnish delegations should not come to Turkey to convince it otherwise. Reuters
  • [New] As the insurance industry has adapted to the risk of criminal hacking groups in recent months, some carriers have moved to clarify act-of-war exclusions for conflicts such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine. WSJ
  • [New] The big news today is that the first war crimes trial since Moscow's invasion of Ukraine will begin in Kyiv. The Guardian
  • [New] Other regional developments, including in Afghanistan, where Taliban rule is likely to create new opportunities for terrorist groups, further threaten strategic stability in Southern Asia. United States Institute of Peace
  • [New] The grim realities of the war in Ukraine will be further brought home to Russian audiences as Ukraine puts more Russian soldiers on trial for committing war crimes against Ukrainian civilians. Atlantic Council
  • [New] With significant agreement that terrorism is illegal and a threat to the United States, policymakers must now find ways to collaborate to establish longer-term systemic responses that prioritize transparency to protect the security of all Americans. CSIS
  • [New] The US state department will create a new unit to research, document and publicise alleged war crimes by Russia in Ukraine. The Guardian
  • [New] The United States is poised to remove five extremist groups, all believed to be defunct, from its list of foreign terrorist organizations, including several that once posed significant threats, killing hundreds if not thousands of people across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. AP News
  • [New] A 21-year-old Russian soldier accused of killing an unarmed civilian pushing a bicycle will be the first person to stand trial for alleged war crimes in Ukraine following Russia's invasion at the end of February. The New Humanitarian
  • [New] The governments of Australia, Japan, and the United States have all criticized the security pact, and have raised concerns that the deployment of Chinese police officers could lead to a future military presence. Jamestown
  • The US will create a new unit to research, document and publicise alleged war crimes by Russia in Ukraine. The Guardian
  • The newly established Conflict Observatory will use open source investigation techniques and satellite imagery to monitor the conflict in Ukraine and collect evidence of possible war crimes. Wired
  • The risks to Australia's domestic security has changed in recent years, with espionage and foreign interference outpacing terrorism as a top security threat. National Security College
  • ISIS-K remained the top terrorist threat this quarter, claiming responsibility for 41 terrorist attacks, including a bombing at a Shia mosque in Pakistan that killed 63 and wounded 200. Department of Defense Office of Inspector General
  • Spain's list of very serious offences or 'infracciones muy graves' include crimes such as participating in activities which could pose a threat to national security, being part of an organised crime ring and human trafficking. The Local
  • Virginia in July will eliminate its prohibition on local police use of facial recognition a year after approving it, and California and the city of New Orleans as soon as this month could be next to hit the undo button. Insurance Journal

Last updated: 28 May 2022