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WHAT'S NEXT?: In the years to come, social commerce will become more widespread and the level of personalization will improve with advanced AI solutions & chatbots. The number of worldwide social media users is projected to grow from 2.1 billion in 2016 to 2.5 billion by 2018.

  • [New] There is a consensus in the national security community that restricting the ability of large U.S. high-tech firms to compete against China poses a threat to U.S. national security. 19FortyFive
  • [New] The climate crisis is compounding global inequality, since extreme weather can destroy infrastructure, decrease productivity, and threaten crop health, threatening poorer countries and communities more than rich ones. The Boston Globe
  • [New] Every nation, and the global community as a whole, must take action to mitigate disaster risks and build resilience in order to reduce the destruction of lives and livelihoods, especially for the most vulnerable. ReliefWeb
  • [New] Seaweed Farming Kenya can maximize potential in the seaweed industry through a dramatic increase in production and scale, as unlocking the potential for communities to produce at capacity can lead to sector-wide transformation. IUCN
  • [New] Communities in Australia's coal and gas heartlands say they need greater federal support and policy to mange the energy transition and make the most of economic opportunities. ABC Radio National
  • [New] SolSmart has a goal to help another 500 communities over the next five years and will add new areas of focus on solar and storage, low- and moderate-income solar financing, and other strategies to accelerate deployment and benefit underserved communities.
  • [New] Canada's intelligence community will have to grapple with the growing influence of anti-democratic forces in the United States - including the threat posed by conservative media outlets like Fox News. CBC
  • [New] DHS is exploring additional ways to give money to communities to resettle illegal alien populations and will do so by giving more taxpayer money to community organizations. The Heritage Foundation
  • [New] Germany will enter a new era where clean, cheap energy superabundance not only dramatically reduces costs of living and industry across society, but opens up unprecedented opportunities in a similar way that zero-cost information did with the Internet. Medium
  • [New] The wellbeing of people, communities, and nature, will depend on how efficiently we transition, as a global community, to a new economic reality, in which mainstream finance is climate-smart and nature-positive. The CCI Newsletter
  • [New] As states, courts and civil society scramble to c ollect and preserve evidence, even with considerable will and ample resources, there's great danger that Ukrainians will see little justice done. Politico
  • [New] SSSs will be used to regulate many legal aspects, sometimes hierarchical relations in society, and may cause the formation and widespread use of social ratings (similar to the Social Credit System in China). PubMed Central (PMC)
  • [New] Many pieces of legislation to help communities become more resilient against climate change and its impacts passed the state Legislature in 2022, including wildfire mitigation and disaster preparedness programs that will make communities safer when climate disasters occur. Colorado Newsline
  • [New] Climate change is having an impact on the mental health of all Coloradans, but poorer communities and communities of color in Colorado are more exposed to climate impacts like high heat, threat of wildfire, and high ozone. Colorado Newsline
  • [New] In Germany, Secretary Walsh and other G-7 Labor Ministers plan to adopt a communique identifying shared priorities to create good jobs, increase skills training for underserved communities, ensure safe workplaces, and prepare and protect workers amidst climate change. U.S. Dept of Labor
  • [New] To speed up the transition to renewable energy, Labor plans to modernize Australia's energy grid and roll out solar banks and community batteries. CNN
  • [New] The world community must help Ukraine unblock its seaports otherwise, a food crisis will follow the energy crisis, and many more countries will be faced with it. UBN
  • [New] The Monkeypox outbreak illustrates that communities will continue to face threats from viruses, and that international coordination and solidarity is essential for public health as viruses can only be overcome globally. UNAIDS
  • [New] Britain's local parks and green spaces could have a significant role to play in restoring a sense of community and local pride as well as contributing to health, wellbeing and climate change resilience. Fields in Trust
  • [New] The BIL has the potential to be transformative for US communities and the broader American economy - but it will likely depend on state and local governments being ready to secure funds effectively. McKinsey & Company
  • [New] With continued efforts to reduce cost, improve performance, and think more broadly about solutions to deployment, distributed wind could empower communities across the United States to transition to clean energy. NREL

Last updated: 29 May 2022