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DRIVER: The global economy still faces serious headwinds and political uncertainty potentially balanced by the enormous promise of technological advancements in many fields. Read on to get a solid handle on the opportunities and risks you and your organization may likely face and set your sails accordingly.

  • [New] In the near term, Wynkoop said it will likely take opening up of supply from outside the U.S, or expand production from the select WIC-approved formula suppliers in the US, to relieve demand. Modern Retail
  • [New] Natural gas and oil provide more of the world's energy than any other source and will continue to be leading resources for decades to come. American Petroleum Institute
  • [New] The International Energy Agency projects demand will return to pre-COVID levels in early 2023 and increase nearly 10% by 2030, led by demand from developing economies. American Petroleum Institute
  • [New] If CPI does not soon collapse, the Fed will have to move rates much higher and that would trigger a downturn in housing statistics including prices and new permits - the new housing bubble would go bust. Mises Institute
  • [New] Inflation fuelled by extra Budget spending could help create an exodus of Waikato workers to Australia and push up business costs generally, acting as a brake on regional development. Stuff
  • [New] If Europe looks for immediate alternatives to Russian energy, prices will rise further, making it impossible for millions of people to buy food. Politico
  • [New] Sao Tome and Principe trading platforms offer trading in high risk leveraged trades called CFDs where Sao Tomean traders can speculate on the up or down price movements of a specific financial instrument without owning it.
  • [New] The rate of Australian small businesses facing insolvency is predicted to rise in the months ahead, as the Australian Taxation Office gradually resumes its enforcement efforts and economic trends batter the profitability of many industry players. SmartCompany
  • [New] Oil prices fell on Friday as investors worried that weakening global economic growth and tighter central bank monetary policy could curb a recovery in fuel demand. Cyprus Mail
  • [New] The Bank of England will need to raise interest rates further to combat the risk of self-perpetuating price rises. Reuters
  • [New] The EU will have a competitive advantage on sustainability, not price, where the starting position is better than the US and China. New Europe
  • [New] Wall Street is currently spooked by many factors, including high inflation, rising interest rates, war in Ukraine and the fear of recession. NBC4 Washington
  • [New] Accompanying worldwide economic growth is an increase in demand for energy - the U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts a 50% increase in global energy use by 2050, which cannot be fully offset using renewable sources. OnLabor
  • [New] With inflation at the highest level in 40 years, the Federal Reserve taking increasingly aggressive action to cool consumer demand and prices, the risk of a global recession is on the rise. Money Metals Exchange
  • [New] High levels of inflation will have a deleterious effect on investment and growth in India. The Hindu
  • [New] Expected milder weather and some temporary LNG indigestion could suggest a period of stable prices, but overall rising global demand and a sharp discount to prices in Europe and Asia is likely to prevent any significant weakness during the coming months. MarketWatch
  • [New] Rising interest rates, high inflation, the war in Ukraine, and a slowdown in China's economy are all punishing stocks and raising fears about a possible U.S. recession. USA Today
  • While some significant uncertainties remain - further COVID outbreaks, inflation, and the war in Europe, to name a few - the Reserve Bank has forecast GDP growth of around 4.25% in 2022 and 2% over 2023. Inside Small Business
  • Although Qatar cannot immediately ship much extra gas to Europe because most of its production is under contract to go elsewhere, it is investing tens of billions of dollars to increase production by about two-thirds by 2027. The New York Times
  • The war in Ukraine threatens to fuel the food crisis in Central Sahel even more, with global food prices predicted to increase by up to 20%. ReliefWeb
  • The sudden spike in global wheat prices put the food security of India, neighbouring and other vulnerable countries at risk. The Guardian

Last updated: 24 May 2022