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WHAT'S NEXT?: Rising tensions around are bringing new and regional geopolitical threats and the possibility of eventual global war. Keep abreast of the unfolding drama and know where the risks and opportunities are in the world.

  • [New] As well as diverting the attention of governments and the public, there is mounting evidence that the war in Ukraine will worsen crises around the world, siphoning off development aid while causing the price of some goods to spiral. Yahoo News
  • [New] The risk of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons should overrule most other concerns of the U.S. regarding the Islamic Republic and its policies. Russian Council
  • [New] Since the strategy pushing Iran to drop some of its demands is apparently not working, agreeing to some symbolic, although politically painful concessions, might be the only way for the U.S. to make sure the Islamic Republic does not acquire a nuclear weapon. Russian Council
  • [New] Russia's invasion of Ukraine has brought land war to Europe and stoked fears of broader global conflict. The New York Times
  • [New] Wall Street is currently spooked by many factors, including high inflation, rising interest rates, war in Ukraine and the fear of recession. NBC4 Washington
  • [New] Any concessions to Russia will not reduce the probability of a nuclear war but lead to escalation. The Berkeley Blog
  • [New] The lack of access to capital for E & Ps remains an impediment for a world that is not producing enough crude and natural gas to offset supply disruptions and geopolitical tensions in Europe. Hart Energy
  • [New] The food shortages stoked by the war in Ukraine could last years and cause mass hunger and famine across the world. The Guardian
  • [New] The food shortages stoked by the war in Ukraine could cause malnutrition, mass hunger and famine, in a crisis that could last for years across the world. The Guardian
  • [New] The war in Ukraine, on top of all the other global crises, threatens tens of millions of people with food insecurity, malnutrition, mass hunger & famine. CNN
  • [New] There is another way that war in Ukraine might benefit IS, al-Qaeda and potentially even other extremist organizations. DW.COM
  • [New] Prices will come down compared to current levels as and when the war in Ukraine eventually de-escalates, reducing the risk premium associated with Russian supply disruption. Wood McKenzie
  • [New] The Russian Government seems to believe that using food as a weapon will help accomplish what its invasion has not: to break the spirit of the Ukrainian people. United States Department of State
  • [New] As the war in Ukraine drags on and threatens to become a destructive stalemate, Sweden and Finland have concluded that their security environment is deteriorating and have opted for the greater protection that they believe NATO membership will provide. Foreign Policy
  • [New] With so many countries heavily reliant on exports from Ukraine and Russia, the war in Ukraine is threatening to plunge the world even deeper into a food crisis. Unicef
  • [New] The war in Ukraine has only worked to expose the vulnerabilities of the food system and the urgency to build resilience for the long run. Forum For Agriculture
  • [New] The World Bank has said it will make $30bn available to help stem the food security crisis threatened by Russia's war in Ukraine. Al Jazeera
  • [New] The UN food chief is warning the war in Ukraine has created an unprecedented crisis of escalating food prices that has sparked protests. Al Jazeera
  • [New] As the insurance industry has adapted to the risk of criminal hacking groups in recent months, some carriers have moved to clarify act-of-war exclusions for conflicts such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine. WSJ
  • [New] The war in Ukraine represents an opportunity for the United States and its allies to carry out a long-overdue recalibration of their approach to Bosnia. Foreign Affairs Magazine
  • [New] While crop failures, supply disruptions, and ongoing conflicts are clearly hampering the ability to deliver food where and when it is needed, the bigger problem is that prices for food are too high for an increasingly large number of people across the globe. Legal Planet
  • The war against Russia will reach a turning point by mid-August and be over by the end of the year. The Guardian

Last updated: 24 May 2022