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WHAT'S NEXT?: Technology will become the new sales assistant, always on, always friendly, always delivering. Consumers will co-create and create products to their exact needs. Brands will have to focus on seizing mobile moments on apps that already have consumer's attention. Instantly explore below how lifestyles, buying behaviors and attitudes are changing and where you fall short in the battle to win consumers hearts and minds.

  • [New] 64% of consumers around the world will boycott a company based on its stance on politics or social issues. IZEA
  • [New] Opportunities are emerging in sectors including financial services, life sciences, technology, consumer and healthcare in India. The Straits Times
  • [New] New arrangements will come into effect for the movement of consumer parcels between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with a new set of data-sharing requirements put in place to ensure that customs declarations are not needed for deliveries to consumers. CATTS
  • [New] Global research into the security and storage of data uncovered that 63% of surveyed UK and US IT Security Decision Makers expect their mobile / remote workers to expose their organization to the risk of a data breach. theHRDIRECTOR
  • [New] For Apple, which is facing tough competition in key markets like China, Apple Intelligence represents a huge bet that its take on AI will be so enticing to consumers that they are willing to upgrade their phones to gain access. Insider
  • [New] Consumer energy resources, including things like home batteries, will play an important role in Australia's energy transformation towards 82% renewables by 2030. The Guardian
  • [New] Effective solutions to meet changing consumer demands, tightening regulatory requirements, and expanding global networks will be crucial. Packaging World Insights
  • [New] Despite the current macroeconomic environment and the fact that consumers are keeping their devices longer, the potential of Gen AI on a smartphone is expected to drive significant demand over the coming years. IDC Blog
  • [New] Taking effect in 2027, ETS2 will require upstream fossil-fuel suppliers to surrender carbon certificates equivalent to the emissions generated by consumers of their fuels. Bruegel | The Brussels-based economic think tank
  • [New] With strategic investments, innovative solutions, and collaborative partnerships, India can harness the full potential of shared mobility to build a brighter, more sustainable future for all. Textile Value Chain: Textile Magazine, Textile News, Ap
  • [New] Recognizing the transformative potential of shared mobility, the Indian government has taken proactive steps to facilitate its development and expansion. Textile Value Chain: Textile Magazine, Textile News, Ap
  • [New] Risks associated with the use of emerging technology such as lithium-ion batteries will be a key focus for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) during 2024-25. Drive
  • [New] Decision-makers from payments businesses across the UK have identified Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud as the top threat to both their businesses and consumers. FinExtra
  • Bluestone Equity Partners invested $20 million in Qloo, a New York City-based AI platform designed to predict consumer preferences in sectors like media, fashion, and travel. Fortune
  • Starting with the broadest-reaching law, the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act will apply to entities that (a) conduct business in Texas or offer products and services consumed by Texas residents and process or sell personal data. JD Supra
  • The real consumer power by 2030 will be held by older consumers, especially in the world's largest economies - Asia, Europe and the Americas. Forbes
  • Rise of Mobile Commerce Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. TechBullion
  • Awareness of the risks associated with counterfeit GLP-1 drugs and taking proactive measures can significantly protect consumers. Fortune Well
  • Consumers should purchase medications from state-licensed pharmacies or FDA-registered outsourcing facilities to minimize the risk of counterfeit products. Fortune Well

Last updated: 11 July 2024

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