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WHAT'S NEXT?: There will be an increased demand for software and services that deliver intelligence, personalization, and specialization. Artificial intelligence could become a $15+ bn opportunity by 2025. Combining human and machine cognition for engagement decisions could yield the precision and reliability of automation without sacrificing the robustness and flexibility that humans bring. The first effect of machine intelligence will be to lower the cost of goods and services that rely on prediction.

  • [New] New technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, are becoming increasingly prevalent in the workplace and have the potential to significantly boost UK output. ICAEW
  • [New] Ai recently unveiled its sixth-generation autonomous driving system, expecting to equip a seven-seat Toyota Sienna model and begin road testing in China in 2022 with robotaxis following in 2023. CNBC
  • [New] Artificial intelligence and machine learning will eventually impact every industry over the next several years. Spirit of Enterprise
  • [New] Next-generation endpoint protection tools enable organizations to report on security incidents in great detail, use intelligence about threats worldwide and work effectively with other tools in an organization's cyber defenses. Technology Solutions That Drive Business
  • [New] A new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology demonstrated that several autonomous cars controlled by a machine-learning program could pass through an intersection and help traffic flow more smoothly. The Optimist Daily
  • [New] Spending on artificial intelligence in the United States will grow to $120 billion by 2025, representing a compound annual growth rate of 26.0% over the 2021-2025 forecast period. Towards Data Science
  • [New] Fujitsu will move from principle to practice by steadily implementing best practices in the real world to ensure the realization of ethical, safe, and transparent AI and machine learning technologies. World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
  • [New] Beneath the increasingly ubiquitous presence of technology, five key topics will come to the fore in 2022 - computing, network, AI, data & security and converging technologies. World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
  • [New] The SME 2050 report describes a future landscape where intelligent, virtual clones, driven by AI and machine learning will be able to manage workload while business owners focus on priority tasks, enjoy some downtime, and even sleep.
  • [New] Reform of Companies House in the UK, now imminent, will result in Companies House being able proactively to share data about suspicious activity on the register with enforcement agencies and use intelligence provided by law enforcement. Lexology
  • [New] Yearling will be testing new technologies to enable lower cost CubeSat architectures that are equipped with novel Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning compute capabilities alongside a satellite-to-satellite networking demonstration with the Stanford Student Space Initiative. SpaceRef
  • [New] With technologies like intelligent document processing (IDP), as well as using AI, machine learning and other hyperautomation tools, enterprises can mitigate risks and become data compliant while feeding the right data to the right automation tools. Forbes
  • [New] While there have been positive strides in things like using AI to help find ways to be more Earth-friendly, there is still many arenas where AI could be a boon to society. Techopedia
  • [New] IBM plans to focus on key technologies such as artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud, quantum computing, and blockchain. Forbes
  • [New] China's employment of AI as a tool of repression and surveillance of the Uyghurs is a dystopian of how a totalitarian regimes will use AI - enable ubiquitous surveillance to repress and monitor its own populace. Small Wars Journal
  • [New] As the world's first concrete proposal for regulating artificial intelligence, the EU's draft AI Regulation is going to have a huge impact on the debate on AI and how companies are going to adopt AI in the future. LinkedIn
  • North American leader of artificial intelligence consulting at Infosys, security professionals may not think about threat actors using AI explicitly, but they are seeing more, faster attacks and can sense an increased use of AI on the horizon. VentureBeat
  • Visualizing Threats Targeting Organizations and Governments With Recorded Future Threat Intelligence, organizations can interactively prioritize threats and proactively hunt adversaries before they become a target. Recorded Future
  • Recorded Future, the world's largest intelligence company, today announced a major new release of its cloud-based Intelligence Platform with new capabilities for exposing and remediating threats to organizations' brands, identities, and attack surfaces. Recorded Future
  • The U.S. could absolutely use a better science of science to produce more breakthroughs - in biotech, artificial intelligence, and clean energy. The Atlantic
  • Rather than using AI to screen candidates and run the risk of screening out diverse candidates, as is prohibited by New York City's law, companies can use AI to source potential candidates and invite more diverse candidates that fit the job requirements to apply. RecruitingDaily
  • Microsoft will be delivering Azure workloads to the SBC-2 hardware, running machine learning and other pre-processing applications, before delivering data to Azure for further work. TechRepublic

Last updated: 24 May 2022