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In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.
Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

  • [New] Thailand's first Climate Change Act will be enforced in the next few years and that the Department of Climate Change and Environment has been set up to oversee work against climate change in Thailand. The Star
  • [New] As the effects of climate change increase, passengers can expect longer periods of turbulence during flights in coming years. CNN
  • [New] The meteorological impact of climate change will cause population movement making certain parts of the world much less viable places to live; causing food and water supplies to become more unreliable and increasing the frequency and severity of floods and storms. International Organization for Migration
  • [New] The greatest single impact of climate change could be on human migration - with millions of persons displaced by shoreline erosion, coastal flooding and agricultural disruption. International Organization for Migration
  • [New] Demand for water is projected to outstrip supply by 40% by 2030, driven by macrotrends such as population growth, urbanization and climate change. Gallagher
  • [New] Occasional heat waves have always been an aspect of summer weather in many areas of the world; but as climate change makes heat waves more frequent and more intense, the consequent risks for the agriculture sector need to be rethought strategically. PubMed Central (PMC)
  • [New] Impact of Climate Change on Business: Nearly all respondents expect climate change to impact their business model by 2050, with 23% noting that it already has made an impact. Morgan Stanley
  • [New] Species-loss estimates are what is expected over the long term, when ecosystems approach their new equilibrium states, based on climate and land-use changes projected for 2050. Nature
  • [New] Morocco is advancing that leadership even further, not only by reducing emissions, but in cutting-edge ways supporting communities to adapt to the challenges that a changing climate will bring. U.S. Agency for International Development
  • [New] Among the most alarming findings is this: the European Union could lose 7% of its GDP to dealing with the impacts of climate change by the 2030s.
  • [New] Comoros is highly susceptible to climate change; and its population, in particular women and children, are exposed to climate and environmental hazards, including coastal flooding, tropical cyclones, water scarcity, and vector-borne diseases. ReliefWeb
  • [New] Ireland Inc can improve water quality if given time, but the world will not solve climate change by increasing the carbon footprint of food production. Irish Farmers Journal
  • [New] If the world went vegan, it could save 8 million human lives per year by 2050, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by two-thirds and lead to healthcare-related savings and avoid climate damages of $1.5 trillion. The Vegan Society
  • [New] Projections for how climate change will affect Latin America indicate that temperatures are expected to increase across the region and rainfall patterns are expected to change. ReliefWeb
  • [New] With hundreds of the world's climate scientists reported to be expecting global temperature rises of at least 2.5 °C, well above the internationally agreed target of 1.5 C, the need for clean energy and to reduce reliance on fossil fuels is more pressing than ever. Verdict
  • [New] Climate change could cost $38 trillion per year, but emissions mitigation and adaptation strategies could limit future damages. Eos
  • [New] A new £5 million hub is being launched to deliver faster and more impactful action in the UK to help all four nations prepare better for the predicted effects of climate change. King's College London
  • [New] Artificial intelligence in agriculture is expected to increase dramatically food waste, climate change and other issues lead approximately one billion people to remain hungry and malnourished even though the globe produces enough food to feed everyone. Daily Pioneer
  • [New] The United States is eager to partner with countries leading on the nexus of gender equality and climate change, as well as countries with robust opportunity for impact. United States Department of State
  • [New] Florida will eliminate climate change as a priority in making energy policy decisions, despite the threats it faces from powerful hurricanes, extreme heat and worsening toxic algae blooms. The Washington Post
  • [New] Countries supported by the International Development Association (IDA), part of the World Bank that helps the poorest countries, are highly vulnerable to the impacts of a changing climate and intensifying disaster risks and are often affected by fragile, conflict and violen t situations. World Bank
  • The current climate change scenarios predict a rise in the intensity of rain events, consecutive dry days, and an increase in other climate change-related hazards by 2035, regardless of the changes in greenhouse emissions. ReliefWeb
  • Africa could pay the heaviest cost of climate threats since climate change will multiply weather-related risks despite its very low contribution to greenhouse gas emissions in the world. SpringerLink

Last updated: 26 May 2024

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