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In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.
Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

  • [New] Equinor Energy AS will further develop the gas infrastructure in the Troll West gas province to accelerate production and maintain current gas export levels. Oil & Gas Journal
  • [New] To more effectively promote the healthy and sustainable development of the smart elderly care industry in China, we need to clarify the opportunities and challenges faced by the smart elderly care industry in China's development process. PubMed Central (PMC)
  • [New] As Malaysia becomes entrenched as a global semiconductor hub, the integration of next-gen AI-enabled technologies is creating new opportunities for advancement in an industry already rife with innovation. Malaysia ready for semiconductor growth
  • [New] Governments around the world are rapidly realizing automation's potential to improve productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness in industrial sectors. The Insight Partners
  • [New] As the maritime industry navigates towards a greener future, initiatives like the M-ERC will play a crucial role in shaping the transition towards sustainable practices. Seatrade Maritime
  • [New] With the new rules the European Commission wants to ensure a high level of protection of health and the environment, to contribute to sustainability in a wide range of plant species, and to create opportunities for research and innovation. European Commission
  • [New] With regulators aiming to achieve net-zero emissions for the shipping sector by 2050, the industry - which delivers more than 80% of global trade - is a key target for fuel cell technology. H2TECH
  • [New] LVSAT will provide power for missions on the Moon starting with NASA's Artemis program and will provide power needed for habitats and other lunar infrastructure. Redwire Space
  • [New] In the coming years, AI will play a highly important role in cybersecurity, driving innovation in threat detection, incident response, and predictive intelligence. Yahoo Finance
  • [New] With a significant demand, 44% of the participating companies are making their debut appearance from around the world and will showcase innovative technology that promote cybersecurity, protect essential infrastructure and further support national security. Intelligent CISO
  • [New] Fusing AI capabilities by turning threat intelligence into action, Applied Threat Intelligence in Google Security Operations takes Google Cloud's industry-leading threat visibility and automatically applies it to an organization's unique environment. Google Cloud Press Corner
  • [New] The BoE's new digital securities sandbox will allow companies to test new technologies under regulatory supervision, but innovations such as ChatGPT and other AI tools have the potential for extraordinarily rapid scaling. WTAQ News Talk | 97.5 FM - 1360 AM | Green Bay, WI
  • [New] Aligned with the ambitious objectives of the National Space Strategy 2030 and the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031, Space42 will accelerate an AI-powered ecosystem that enables growth and transforms the space industry. Gulf Business
  • [New] Businesses that are able to harness the power of AI in a way that is both efficient and adaptable will be at the forefront of innovation in the coming years. AI Upbeat: Navigating the Future of Artificial Intellig
  • [New] Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots, both Teradyne Robotics companies, will share headquarters to increase synergies and accelerate innovation within advanced robotics.
  • [New] The threat actor has already targeted Government, Industrial Conglomerates, Retail, Staffing, Business consulting, Banks, E-Commerce, Electric & Utilities industries, indicating its intention to expand its attack surface in the future to other industries globally. CYFIRMA
  • [New] Australia could unlock $600 billion in revenue by creating a carbon capture and storage (CCS) industry and becoming a storage hub for the Asia-Pacific region. Energy Connects
  • [New] As businesses continue to prioritize sustainability in their operations, the adoption of green power plays will undoubtedly become increasingly prevalent across industries, driving positive change for both businesses and the planet. Our Culture
  • [New] UK counter-unmanned aircraft strategy - sets out the UK government's strategy to mitigate the malicious, criminal use of drones, including threats to the UK's national security and critical national infrastructure. GOV.UK
  • [New] U.S. lawmakers are expected to vote soon on a bill that major crypto companies including Coinbase say could be crucial for the future of the crypto industry in the U.S. Investopedia
  • Introduce the Building Women's Careers program that will boost women's participation in construction, clean energy and advanced manufacturing industries, and technology and digital sectors (as part of the Future Made in Australia initiative to reduce industry gender segregation). Active Accounting Group
  • APAC will remain the largest region over the forecast period due to strong demand in the construction and building sector, numerous DINP applications in the building sector that have been developed and innovated as a result of rising end-use industries and population growth. Yahoo Finance

Last updated: 26 May 2024

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