Global Scans · Clean Water and Sanitation · Weekly Summary

In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.
Goal 6. Ensure availability of water and sanitation for all.

  • [New] Existing land ice masses hold enough water to increase sea level by 65 meters, although it is forecast that under a very high greenhouse gas emissions scenario, the contribution of land ice to sea level rise would be around 30 centimeters by 2100. Statista
  • [New] The meteorological impact of climate change will cause population movement making certain parts of the world much less viable places to live; causing food and water supplies to become more unreliable and increasing the frequency and severity of floods and storms. International Organization for Migration
  • [New] Demand for water is projected to outstrip supply by 40% by 2030, driven by macrotrends such as population growth, urbanization and climate change. Gallagher
  • [New] The EU will support water cooperation at global level, by launching a new initiative with the International Network of Basin Organizations supporting peer-learning between Lake and River Basin Organizations. Environment
  • [New] In the coming years, states will need to enforce new federal rules that require drinking water systems to test for PFAS and clean up their water if contamination is found. Yahoo News
  • [New] Ireland Inc can improve water quality if given time, but the world will not solve climate change by increasing the carbon footprint of food production. Irish Farmers Journal
  • [New] Across the globe, the changing climate affects many nations (that distancing synonym for human beings) whose surfeit or lack of water defines what crops will emerge to feed them. The Globalist
  • [New] The floating pier project is not a substitute for land deliveries that could bring in all the food, water and fuel needed in Gaza. The Guardian
  • [New] Seawater desalination has the potential to provide water for much of the world's population, and particularly for cities within the coastal regions. ISPI
  • [New] Seawater desalination has the potential to provide water for much of the world's population, but it needs energy and produces brine. ISPI
  • [New] Understanding how species may shift their distributions within and beyond UK waters will be crucial for informing future management and conservation efforts, and deciding where adaptation measures might be best targeted. Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
  • [New] Concern about China's planted forests in the northern and northwestern regions have persisted for many years, as the rapid and extensive expansion of planted forests in certain regions may come at the expense of other ecological functions and could lead to water shortages. Nature
  • [New] The NCA4 recognized that climate change can increase risks to national security, both through direct impacts on military infrastructure and by affecting factors such as food and water availability that can exacerbate conflict outside U.S. borders. Federal Register
  • Over the coming decades the UK faces a real and growing risk of water shortages, especially in the south and east of England. The Telegraph
  • In 2022, California became the first state to effectively ban the sale of new gas water heaters and furnaces by 2030 - a move intended to limit ozone emissions. Canary Media
  • Park made a strong case for India to make policies, reform subsidies and adopt technology so that farmers are encouraged to shift to more sustainable and less water-dependent farming, which will make India's farm sector more resilient to climate shocks. Mint
  • New Mexico has been grappling with scarce water supplies, and fossil fuel producers are confronting shrinking opportunities for water disposal. AP News
  • The financed programs include sea water desalination plants that could provide 6.4 million cbm/d of water, and investment, valued at EGP 134.2 billion, until 2050. PubMed Central (PMC)
  • A specialized application developed for Turkey monitors Snow Water Potential, crucial for managing water resources and anticipating flood risks due to rapid snowmelt. World Meteorological Organization
  • The MRGCD does have some water it can store from the San Juan Basin in northwest New Mexico and southern Colorado that is not subject to the rules of the Rio Grande Compact, but it will not be enough water to meet farmers' crop needs. Yahoo News
  • The dwindling water levels underscore the urgent need for sustainable water management practices and highlight the vulnerability of Namibia's water resources in the face of climate change and growing demand. The Star
  • UNICEF research finds 1 billion children live in countries at extremely high risk of worsening heatwaves, cyclones, water scarcity, lead contamination and other environmental threats. United States Institute of Peace

Last updated: 26 May 2024

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